Expert Advice on Running Shoes

Transition to Minimalist Running Shoes

Been inspired by the new breed of running shoes? Shankara has some tips and exercises.

Best Running Shoes for Supination 2023

Are your feet supinating? Supination, also known as ‘underpronation’, is a type of a foot strike (a running gait) where feet roll laterally to the out

Best Shoes for Walking to Work: 2023

Is it good to walk to work? Are running shoes good for walking? What to look for in your commuting shoes: in terms of cushioning, support & flexibility?

Best Running Shoes for Overpronation: 2023

Feet rolling in when you run? Ensure the right support to help avoid injury. Huge selection of anti-pronation running shoes.

Best Racing Flats: Summer 2023

Whether you want to shave some time off your PB, or you're looking for light & responsive running shoes for speed work, check out the latest racing flats.

Best Trail Running Shoes: Summer 2023

Looking for well-cushioned road-to trail shoes or grippy low-profile options? Need a bit of stability or a wide fit? Here's the season's top running picks.

In-Store Natural Gait Analysis

Why Gait Analysis for running shoe fitting? Why is Natural Gait Analysis the best way?

Best Minimalist Running Shoes 2023

Minimalist Running as advocated by running form analysts, lessens our dependency on highly cushioned, supportive running shoes.

Online Gait Analysis

Have your gait analysed from home, while enjoying the excellent personalised customer service you've come to expect from us.

Why is there a hole in my running shoe?

Well fitted running shoes should have strong enough mesh at the right point, to withstand the demands placed on for the duration of their useful life.

The Best Way to Clean Your Running Shoes

Putting your running shoes in the washing machine is a recipe for disaster! Check out this short video with safe, simple and effective cleaning techniques.

When to Change My Running Shoes?

Are you making an impact, or is the road making an impact on you?

How to Take Care of Running Spikes

If you're new to running spikes, knowing how to take care of them helps prevent problems. We've also got tips if it's too late and you're already stuck!

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