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Online Gait Analysis

Why online gait analysis?

Run and Become has been offering Natural Gait Analysis in-store for decades. This involves discussing your running with you and any injuries, plus having a close look at your feet. We then suggest the type of running shoes we think would be best for you, and watch you run outside the store, so we can see how your whole body moves in them.

During COVID-19 we moved this service online. Although our stores are starting to open again, and we are resuming Natural Gait Analysis, we will continue to offer Online Gait Analysis – for those who need or prefer to stay home, and for those who live too far away to visit us in-store. While nothing can replace seeing you in person, we have developed the online service to match it as best we can, and have had many happy online customers :-)

How does online gait analysis work?

All you need to do is send us a few videos, photos and basic info via WhatsApp. We will then call you back at your requested time to complete your online gait analysis and place your order. Then in a few days' time your perfect running trainers will be delivered to your house, so you can enjoy the beauty and freedom of running or walking.

Please note: our trained staff spend considerable time on each personal consultation. We are more than happy to offer this service free of charge, but we kindly ask that you only make an appointment if you intend to make a purchase from Run and Become on the day, based on the advice offered.


You will need:

  • Your current running or other fitness shoes (if none, then bare feet)
  • WhatsApp installed on your phone
  • A flatmate or other household member to film you (or you can even do it yourself if necessary)


Ask your household member to film three short videos of you (or you can film yourself).

  • The person taking the videos should be squatting or kneeling down, if possible.
  • If you are filming alone, just find a shoe box or anything about 50cm high, prop your phone up on it securely, switch on the camera and do each exercise.
  • Please wear shorts or tights. If wearing a dark colour, please make sure the background behind you is a lighter colour so we can see the legs clearly.
  • Please make sure the light conditions are appropriate.
  • Always follow the latest rules and recommendations set out by UK Government regarding  the COVID-19 situation.


Bending Knees Exercise: Waist-to-Toe Shot

  • Wearing no shoes, please stand with feet hip-width apart, arms relaxed by your side.
  • Looking straight ahead, slowly bend your knees forward as far as you can without the heels coming up, and also keeping your bottom from pushing out. Repeat this 3 times. 
  • Do the same facing the opposite direction. Repeat this 3 times.
  • Note: When doing the exercise, it's important to keep your upper body straight. So please avoid squatting and/or looking down.
  • Watch the short demo video to see the exercise and which part of the body needs to be in the shot.​


Bending Knees Exercise: Whole Body Shot

  • Do exactly the same as in the first video, but this time please use a wider angle to incorporate from head to toe.
  • Again, 3 times facing front and 3 times from behind.
  • Watch the short demo video to see the exercise and which part of the body needs to be in the shot.


Running / Walking

  • Wearing your current running shoes (or other fitness shoes), take a gentle, relaxed jog down the street for 15 metres and back again. Do this 2 times.
  • Please run / walk on a hard surface – either road or pavement – in order for us to see the gait clearly. Ideally, the ground should be flat and not sloped.
  • During your run, try to get as close to the camera as you can, so we can see the movement of your body properly.
  • Remember, the person taking the video should be squatting, if possible.
  • Watch the short demo video to see the exercise and which part of the body needs to be in the shot.


  • What if I have no fitness shoes?
    Please do the same but indoors, down a hallway in bare feet.
  • I'm not a runner. I will use my trainers only for walking. Do I still need to take the video?
    In your case take a video of you walking rather than running.
  • I want to use my trainers both for walking and for running.
    The best will be to take two videos: walking and running.

Good job. That's it for the video part :-)


Take three different photos of the shoes you ran / walked in during the video test above.

We need photos of the shoe from three different angles, like in the pictures below:

1. Shoe profile (inner side)
2. Shoe profile (outer side)
3. Shoe soles

Running shoe profiles
Running shoe soles


Foot Measurement
  • Stand on a sheet of paper with the full weight of your body going through the foot.
  • Measure the distance between your big toe and heel.
  • Please measure in centimetres.
  • Please send us foot measurements of both feet, backed up by pictures like the one shown below – one for each foot.
Foot measurements


Contact us via WhatsApp on +44 7926 567174. Send us all three videos and three photos in one message (if possible), and in the caption, please quote:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Measurement of your feet in centimetres and your foot size in UK – a running shoe size you had in the past.
  3. A date & time that's good for you to be contacted by our Run and Become Online Gait Analysis Expert, anytime Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm. Please allow around 15-20 minutes for the call.


Based on the videos and photos you sent us we will analyse your gait carefully. Then we will phone you to complete the online gait analysis. Once we find your perfect running shoes, we will process the order over the phone (including the payment) and post your shoes to you free of charge.

Free delivery applies to UK & Channel Islands Royal Mail Tracked deliveries, which usually take 2-4 working days. We will do our very best to get your shoes to you as soon as possible. We will keep you updated if there are any delays due to the COVID-19 situation.

We hope you will love your trainers. If you’re not totally satisfied you may return your order within 28 days for an exchange or refund. Returns outside the 28 day window may be accepted at our discretion. We offer free returns on all orders delivered within UK. For more details on delivery & refunds please check our Terms and Conditions.

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