Best Trail Running Shoes: Autumn 2023

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Best Trail Running Shoes: Autumn 2023

Going off-road this season? 

You might be needing trail running shoes.

It’s always best to come into our store to get a proper shoe fitting so we can make sure you end up with a suitable shoe for your foot strike and foot shape. No amount of internet research compares to the experience of going into a specialist and trying on a variety of different options and jogging up and down outside in them. Here is a small selection of popular trail shoes from the Run and Become range this season.

Trail shoes are built to cope with grass, hard-packed parkland, canal sides, forests and woodland trails. They can handle a little road running, but they have less cushioning than road shoes. The outsole has a deeper grip, and the upper is more durable as well. Some have more cushioning and less grip, and vice versa.

For seriously rugged terrain, have a look out the Fell Running Shoe Guide.

Cushioned Trail Shoes / Stable Trail Shoes / Low-Profile Trail Shoes / Waterproof Trail Shoes / Wide Fitting Trail Shoes

Hoka Trail Running Shoes

Best Cushioned Trail Running Shoes

If you’re running on the road to get to the trail or if your trail includes a lot of hard surfaces you could try any of these options which combine grip and cushioning...

Hoka Speedgoat / Hoka Challenger

Hoka Speedgoat

With Hoka’s trademark maximal cushioning, the Speedgoat provides cushy shock absorption for long and ultra-distance trail running. Hoka’s “bucket seat” design means your foot sits lower in the midsole than you’d expect which makes it more stable than it looks. A hard-wearing Vibram Megagrip outsole with 5mm lugs helps keep your footing secure when the terrain is treacherous. Built on a 4.5mm offset so you’re on an even platform as you tackle the trails. Also available in wide fit.

Men's Hoka Speedgoat 5

Women's Hoka Speedgoat 5

Hoka Challenger

Mega-cushioned like all Hoka shoes the Challenger is a door to trail running shoe with 4mm lugs for on and offroading. Hoka’s early stage meta rocker rolls you through the stride and the midsole is thick enough that you don’t feel sharp rocks poking through. Also available in wide fit.

Men's Hoka Challenger 7

Women's Hoka Challenger 7

Stable Trail Running Shoes

Most Stable Trail Running Shoes

Shoes offering an element of support as well as grip and cushioning include...

Brooks Cascadia / La Sportiva Akasha

Brooks Cascadia

Dubbed by Brooks an “SUV for your feet”, the Cascadia packs plenty of grip. Its four pivot points – one on each side of the heel and forefoot, where the wheels would be if your foot was car – serve to balance the foot on uneven terrain. They also provide a certain amount of pronation control if you're running on firmer ground for any length of time. Improved DNA LOFT 2 foam in the midsole, offering an extra 2mm more cushioning for increased comfort. “Water in, water out” upper, which drains easily after getting wet, makes this a favourite for multi-surface running. New Ballistic Rock Shield plate protects the foot from sharp rocks. The sustainable PriintDyed technology has been used in production to use less energy and water in the dying process.

Men's Brooks Cascadia 17

Women's Brooks Cascadia 17

La Sportiva Akasha

The design of this premium cushion trail running shoe comes from La Sportiva, based in the Italian mountains, where they do all their testing. Trail Rocker technology in the midsole promotes a smooth heel -to-toe rolling motion. The dual mix FriXion XT sole offers durable, aggressive grip for exceptional traction. The Impact Brake System technology helps traction by enhancing grip downhill and absorbs impact. No need for a rock plate in the Akasha as its midsole is very thick, alongside the grippy, durable outer sole offering lots of protection.

Men's La Sportiva Akasha 2

Women's La Sportiva Akasha 2

Low Profile Trail Running Shoes

Best Low-Profile Trail Running Shoes

These offer better proprioception, i.e. you can feel what’s going on beneath your feet, allowing you to be nimble over uneven ground with less risk of turning your ankle...

Saucony Peregrine / Altra Lone Peak

Saucony Peregrine

The Peregine is a minimal, multi surface trail running shoe or what Saucony call a “run anywhere” shoe. A 4mm drop midsole with super bouncy PWRRUN cushioning gives you an energised feeling and a 5mm lugged sticky outsole gives you the security to run nimbly over your chosen terrain. A trail-specific upper protects the foot from off-road hazards.

Men's Saucony Peregrine 13

Women's Saucony Peregrine 13

Altra Lone Peak

Like all Altra shoes, the Lone Peak has a spacious, rounded, 'footshaped' toebox to encourage toe splay, and a zero-drop platform to keep you on a level footing. A sticky rubber outsole with a TrailClaw lug pattern gives grip in boggy, wet conditions. Lugs are positioned directly beneath the metatarsals so they dig into the earth as if they were an extension of your feet. A rock plate protects the foot from sharp stones.

Men's Altra Lone Peak 7

Women's Altra Lone Peak 7

Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Best Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Most trail running shoes are not waterproof because if you step in a puddle that goes over the top of your waterproof shoes, the water will get in and won’t be able to get out so you’ll end up with waterlogged feet. Instead they are designed with easily draining materials so if the water gets in, it can get out just as easily. However if waterproofing is important to you, you can try these...

Brooks Cascadia GTX / Saucony Excursion GTX

Brooks Cascadia GTX

The durable and sturdy Brooks Cascadia GTX is a fully waterproof trail shoe. The Rock Shield in the midsole protects feet against sharp rocks. And a very significant feature is the recycled content used to protect the environment.

Men's Brooks Cascadia 17 GTX

Women's Brooks Cascadia 16 GTX
£135.00 £108.00

Saucony Excursion GTX

Cheaper than the others, the Saucony Excursion has Grid cushioning, a trail specific outsole and a Goretex upper to keep your feet dry in rain and waterlogged ground.

Men's Saucony Excursion TR16 GTX

Women's Saucony Excursion TR16 GTX

Wide-Fitting Trail Running Shoes

Best Wide-Fitting Trail Running Shoes

It's always been hard to find a good trail running shoe that fits a wide foot. Up until now it's been a question of trying the widest of the standard width options. But finally there's a decent trail shoe on the market that's made for the wider footed amongst us...

Hoka Challenger Wide / Hoka Speedgoat Wide / Salomon Ultra Glide Wide

Hoka Challenger Wide

Made for running on mixed terrain. Good grip for the soft stuff yet the outsole is not too rigid so you can use it on harder, flatter ground (like pavements) as well. Plenty of shock absorption. Also available in standard fit.

Men's Hoka Challenger 7 Wide

Women's Hoka Challenger 7 Wide

Hoka Speedgoat Wide

In comparison with the Challenger, Hoka Speedgoat has a more durable Vibram Megagrip outsole. Not only does it have deeper lugs, but it also offers the 'stepped' lugs feature, which will help you to shake away the mud from your shoes and keep your feet light. Also available in standard fit.

Men's Hoka Speedgoat 5 Wide

Women's Hoka Speedgoat 5 Wide

Salomon Ultra Glide Wide

Every element of the Ultra Glide has been designed for middle-to-long trail distance. Plenty of responsive cushioning and durable grip combined with a generous fit. Lock-lace closure makes them quick to put on, and can be also tucked inside the tongue pocket.

Men's Salomon Ultra Glide 2 Wide

Women's Salomon Ultra Glide 2 Wide

With the right trail running shoes you’re equipped for anything the weather might throw at us this season. Enjoy getting off the pavements and discovering the countryside.

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