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What fuels my running? An upcoming marathon. I won't go running without my... great fitting running shoes – the one indispensable thing! I run and become... a better runner and a better person. My best ever running experience... Taking part in a 6-hour Self-Transcendence Relay back home in Slovakia.

Best Marathon Running Shoes: Spring 2024

Wondering how to choose the best running shoes for your marathon? Whether you're a beginner or you're seeking a faster time, here's what to keep in mind...

Best Trail Running Shoes: Spring 2024

Looking for well-cushioned road-to trail shoes or grippy low-profile options? Need a bit of stability or a wide fit? Here's the season's top running picks.

Best Running Shoes for Supination: 2024

Are your feet supinating? Supination, also known as ‘underpronation’, is a type of a foot strike (a running gait) where feet roll laterally to the outside after landing rather than staying upright or collapsing to the inside.

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet: Spring 2024

If you've got wide feet, bunions, high volume feet or really high arches you'll need wide-fitting running shoes. Here's your expert guide for this season.

Best Neutral Road Running Shoes: Spring 2024

Are your feet naturally stable? Whether you want the most cushioned, most flexible, or zero-drop, here are the season's best neutral road running shoes.

Review: Altra Escalante 4, Minimal Running Shoes

Lightweight, flexible, zero-drop shoe for road running. Featuring an anatomical fit with plenty of room for the toes with improved ventilation. 100% vegan.

Best Minimalist & Low Heel-Drop Running Shoes: 2024

Minimalist Running as advocated by running form analysts, lessens our dependency on highly cushioned, supportive running shoes.

What to Wear for Running 5k or 10k Race

Wondering what running gear to wear for a race? Make sure you try it out in training, depending on the distance and the season.

Best Running Shoes for Overpronation: 2024

Feet rolling in when you run? Ensure the right support to help avoid injury. Huge selection of anti-pronation running shoes.

How to Drink While Running

What are the best ways to carry water while running, especially in hot weather or longer distances? Get expert tips on the latest bottles, belts and packs.

Best Road Racing Shoes: Spring 2024

Whether you want to shave some time off your PB, or you're looking for light & responsive running shoes for speed work, check out the latest road racers.

What to Wear for Hill, Trail and Fell Running

Whether you're checking a compulsory kit list for an adventure race, or you just want to train comfortably, find out what's best for running off-road.

Best Carbon-Plate Running Shoes: 2024

Carbon fibre plates are like springs that propel you forward. Heard the hype and want to give them a go? Discover the best carbon-plate running shoes.

Best Running Spikes: Spring 2024

Raring to hit the track but not sure which spikes to go for? Discover the latest designs of the best sprint, distance & field spikes and reach for your PB.

Best Kids' Running Shoes: Spring 2024

If your child loves running but you're not sure which shoes would be best, let us guide you through the latest models: for road, trail, or track & field.

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints

While there's no such thing as the perfect trainers to defeat shin splints, depending on the cause, new shoes can make a huge difference.

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