The Most Sustainable Running Clothing 2024

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The Most Sustainable Running Clothing 2024

Twice a year we carefully choose our clothing range. We want you to fall in love with the products we love ourselves. It's not only about the colour, or cut, or the lightness of the fabric – although we love all of that too! – we also care how each product has been made.

We ask the same questions as you: What's the environmental impact of this jacket's production? How much water is needed for this T-shirt to be produced? What's the carbon footprint of having these shorts on our hanger? Is this top made in a safe workplace, and in a socially responsible way? Is this material long-lasting? Is the fabric biodegradable or made from recycled materials?

Let's choose our running gear by choosing positive change for the planet!

Tops / Bottoms / Jackets / Underwear / Accessories



Merino wool, Tencel and organic cotton. Merino wool (always Mulesing free) is used by some brands not only for winter baselayers but also summer tees as it has natural thermoregulating properties. Cotton isn’t used much in running clothing, when we select an item with cotton we ensure it’s organic.
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Many brands are now using polyester made from recycled plastics. The most conscious brands reach for REPREVE® with its traceable yarns.
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Reducing carbon emissions, as well as responsible use of chemicals and water. Biodegradable packaging. Use of biodegradable elements which will activate when the item is discarded. Products that are Bluesign® approved. Brands that work with local charities to support communities, and ensure fair working practices throughout the supply chain. Use of Ocean Parley Plastic. Most running garments are durable, which reduces waste.
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Below we’ve selected the newest apparel that has fully transparent production, made with care for the natural environment and with fair working practices. (At the end of this article you can find links to the transparency of all the featured companies).


MISSION: reduce plastic waste • increase use of recycled materials • reduce carbon emissions • respect human rights • collaboration with Parley for Oceans
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MISSION: responsible sourcing and Bluesign ® approved products • reduce emissions • increased use of recycled materials • 100% vegan friendly
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MISSION: increase use of recycled materials, moving away from first-use polyester • reduce waste • use sustainable packaging • offer repairs to customers 
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MISSION: sustainable materials • long-lasting garments from durable fabric • fair working practices • carboard packaging (for some products) 
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MISSION: Produce high-tech running clothing from natural fibres like Merino wool • Create deep & long term relationships with the Merino growers 
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MISSION: reduce plastic packaging • 50% of their materials made with recycled plastic • support clean water projects • collaborate with local artists 
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MISSION: reduce environmental impact throughout supply chain • durable materials • fair working practices 
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MISSION: reduce material usage & CO2 emissions • circular approach to design & production to reduce waste • prioritise fair and safe working conditions • recycled packaging 
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MISSION: moving away from virgin yarn to sustainable alternatives • fully traceable and audited supply chain • earth-friendly, no-dye technology • 60%+ savings in water, power and chemicals 
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MISSION: increase use of recycled materials • awarded 'Leader Status' by Fair Wear Foundation since 2016 based on 8 strict Code of Labour Practices. 
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Men's Ronhill Tech Top

Sustainable Running Tops

Layering is a great way to stay warm in winter, without overheating as you run. We have options in long sleeves as well as short sleeve. Baselayers are fitted close to the skin. Those made from wool or other thermal fabrics ensure you keep you warm in cold conditions. All of our tops are made from technical fabrics that wick away the sweat as you work out. Staying dry helps to avoid an additional chill factor.

Shop Sustainable Long-Sleeved / Shop Sustainable T-Shirts

Men's Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Sphere Tee
Men's Running T-Shirt

Men's Odlo Blackcomb Half-Zip Baselayer
Men's Running Base Layer

Women's Odlo Seamless Baselayer
Women's Running Base Layer
£45.00 £37.00

Women's Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Baselayer
Women's Running Base Layer

Women's Ronhill Tech Revive Stretch Tights

Sustainable Running Bottoms

Running tights and trousers come in various weights and lengths. Thin ones are designed to regulate body temperature while providing a layer of protection. Thicker versions – some of which are thermal – offer more protection in really cold conditions. Choose depending on the conditions you'll be running in, how long you'll be out for, and how much you feel the cold.

Shop Sustainable Leggings / Shop SustainableTrousers / Shop Sustainable Shorts

Men's On Lightweight Shorts Lumos
Men's Loose Running Shorts

Men's Ronhill Tech Revive Stretch Tights
Men's Running Leggings & Tights

Women's Ronhill Tech Ultra Twin Shorts
Women's 2-in-1 Running Shorts
£60.00 £35.00

Women's Janji Transit Tech Pants
Women's Running Trousers

Women's Odlo Zeroweight Insulator Jacket

Sustainable Running Jackets

A good, technical and breathable running jacket is a must have for autumn-winter! Don’t let the wind or rain slow you down.

Shop Sustainable Running Jackets

Men's On Climate Jacket
Men's Windproof Running Jacket

Men's Odlo Zeroweight Insulator Vest
Men's Running Gilet
£150.00 £128.00

Women's Janji Thermal Insulated Jacket
Women's Windproof Running Jacket
£160.00 £125.00

Women's Odlo Zeroweight Insulator Jacket
Women's Windproof Running Jacket
£185.00 £149.00

Brooks Running Bras

Sustainable Running Underwear

Out of sight, out of mind? Not this time. If running gear should be technical and breathable, why not your underwear? For longer distance it’s an absolute must. Chafe-free and antibacterial underwear and high supporting bras can seriously change your running life.

Shop Sustainable Running Underwear / Shop Sustainable Running Bras

Men's Ronhill Boxers 4.5in
Men's Running Underwear

Women's Odlo Active F-Dry Light Briefs
Women's Running Underwear

Women's Ronhill Shorts
Women's Running Underwear

Women's Brooks Drive Convertible Bra
Women's Running Bra

Odlo Revelstoke Performance Wool Headband

Sustainable Running Accessories

Keep reading because these sustainable picks with quick-drying properties will improve your comfort and performance.

Shop Sustainable Running Accessories

Odlo Revelstoke Performance Wool Headband
Running Headbands & Neckwear

Ciele CR3 Beanie
Running Hats

Buff Original EcoStretch Headwear
Running Buffs

Sportlab Warmup Cream
Muscle Recovery & Strengthening

Hilly Trail Maximum Cushioning Anklet Socks
Running Socks

Pressio Equilibrium Calf Guards
Compression Running Socks & Calf Guards

Runner in Jungle

Transparency of these Sustainable Running Brands:

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