Ann Kaewangchai

Online Orders Manager, London

What fuels my running? Knowing I can challenge myself more and more each time I run. This brings a spark of fun and life with each stride. I won't go running without my... music and my best running shoes of course. I run and become... a stronger more determined person – every time I am active, whether it's running, walking or dancing! My best ever running experience... Exploring my local area, especially the parks and off road trails, allowing myself to focus internally on my breathing.

Best Running Shoes for Men

Which type of running shoes are best for men? How are men’s running shoes different to women's? Find out what's best for you.

Best Running Shoes for Women

Which type of running shoes are best for women? How are women’s running shoes different to men's? Find out what's best for you.

Review: Injinji Running Socks

Running socks to help prevent blisters between toes. From training sessions to race day, Injinji will keep your feet protected in any shoe.

Review: Brooks Ghost 15, Neutral Road Running Shoes

Brooks' Ghost is a runner's favourite for many reasons. The luxurious feel and new engineered mesh upper in the 15th edition provides the perfect fit!

Best Running Gear for Beginners, 2023

Sourcing all the necessary gear to begin your running journey can feel overwhelming. You're not alone – at Run and Become, we're here to help.

Review: Feetures Elite Light Cushion No-Show Socks

Feetures socks are incredibly supportive and always stay in place. They come in various colours and offer a superb quality feel for the feet.

Review: Women's Montane Trailblazer 24, Running Backpack

Want a backpack that is lightweight and super durable that can withstand vigorous mountain activities? The Trailblazer 24 is the backpack for you!

Review: Flow Nano Massage Gun

The Flow Nano is a heat & percussion therapy massage gun. The heat element is what makes this model stand out. It's also super lightweight and compact.

Review: Flow Pro Massage Gun

State-of-the-art, portable, long-lasting, and powerful percussion therapy device. 7 head attachments to tackle any sore muscles, joints and trigger points.

Review: Trigger Point MBX Massage Ball

This massage ball is constructed with layers of foam – soft enough for sore muscles. There is a better performance when it is used on hard surfaces.

Review: Fitness-Mad Cork Massage Ball 7cm

Made from 100% natural cork, this eco-friendly, multi-use massage ball can be used around the body for instant relief from fatigue and stiffness.

Review: Fitness-Mad Resistance Bands, Mini-Power Loop Set

Made with latex, these bands range from extra light to extra strong. Handy to carry around and a great addition to have during your workouts.

Review: Salomon Adv Skin 5 Set

A great all-around pack for carrying hydration and gear. Extremely comfortable fit and highly versatile storage that make it a great choice for trail adventures and long runs.

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