Hoka Mach 5, Racing Flats

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Hoka Mach 5, Racing Flats


Racing Flats


Average Weight: Men's 232g / Women's 192g
Offset: 5mm

A fantastic, versatile shoe that suits fast-paced races or intervals, but also does the job for easy longer runs. It's a racing flat with a bit more cushioning – but don’t be put off by the look, it’s a still super lightweight and springy shoe! If you want something more responsive and faster than the Clifton, go for the Mach!

Men's Hoka Mach 5

Women's Hoka Mach 5



  • Improved, more breathable mesh upper 
  • Improved lacing system 


  • PROFLY midsole offers soft cushioning under the heel 
  • Early-stage Meta-Rocker provides a propulsive toe-off for a smooth ride
  • Moulded EVA insole is removable


  • Extended heel geometries for easy downhill running
  • Anatomical Achilles construction for a secure fit
  • Rubberised EVA outsole for lightweight ground contact and responsiveness
Hoka Mach 5
Hoka Mach 5


  • Amazing racing flat which also can be used as a regular trainer thanks to its cushioning – very versatile shoe
  • Super soft landing and responsive push off
  • ‘Hugging’ feeling around arch and the ankle
  • Stable landing, especially on a downhill


  • Keep an eye on the mileage – especially if you use that shoe for your regular runs. It’s going to wear quicker than ‘regular’ Hoka trainers. But that’s unfortunately the case for all racing flats – they usually last about 200 – 300 miles.

In Testing

Just to make it very clear – I am not the fastest runner in the world. However, Hoka Mach 5 suits me just perfectly. That just shows what a multi-tasker this shoe is! I’ve been using Clifton as well, however many times I've felt that they’re not as responsive, especially up to 10km tempo runs. On the other hand, Carbon X, which I use as well, is too responsive and firm for some of my longer runs. Mach 5 is a perfect balance between Clifton and Carbon X.

Thanks to PROFLY technology the cushioning feels soft, and even though it’s less substantial than ‘regular’ trainers, it still feels cushioned enough to tackle marathon distance. I love how stable it is, especially downhill. It gives a confidence and trust that automatically transforms into a faster pace. 

The shape is great: snug around the ankle and the arch, slightly wider at the front. It definitely locks the foot in, preventing it from sliding around. If your feet are very wide though, they're probably going to be a bit too snug. 

The Meta-Rocker plate is designed for a soft and natural landing and propels you forward for a quick push-off from your toes. The stance phase is very short and responsive, YET still very comfortable. Compared to any other carbon shoes, it does feel more comfortable. 


If I had to choose only ONE pair of shoes for all my training and races, I’d choose Mach 5. Fast enough to tackle speedwork. Cushioned enough to go for a marathon distance. Super lightweight, comfortable – everything I need in one pair of shoes. 

Men's Hoka Mach 5

Women's Hoka Mach 5

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