Our Environmental Policy

Running itself is one of the most eco-friendly sports – needing no premises or power sources, and only minimal equipment. As a company, while supplying you with the best gear to lessen the impact of running on your body, we also constantly strive to lessen our own environmental impact on the planet.

Of course, we’re not perfect. As the company evolves, and as new innovations become available, this will always be an ongoing process. Our commitment means keeping ourselves informed and all staff involved at each step.

Current Position

Mail Packaging

Most of our online orders are sent out in fully compostable mail sacks, which have by far the lowest eco-impact. We also use a few oxo-biodegradable bags and paper bags for items of a certain size/weight, as we believe that to be second best.*

We never purchase bubble wrap. We re-use all bubble wrap we receive through other deliveries, and staff also donate from their home deliveries. If we need more than we can re-use, we purchase paper bubble rolls.

If tape is needed, wherever possible we use paper rather than plastic. Paper tape does not adhere to all surfaces though, so in some cases we have no option but to use plastic. We will keep an eye on the market in the hope that a stronger compostable option becomes available.

Running Shoe Recycling

Running shoe recycling is available to customers at our store, using JogOn, a company that sorts the shoes and then distributes through their partners. JogOn started as a Man with a Garage and the inspiration to save our discarded running shoes from landfill. A decade plus later, JogOn is working towards its aim to redistribute 1m pairs of running shoes. Please note that we can only accept running shoes.

Offices & Staff Areas

  • Recycling points are available, and as much packaging as possible is recycled.
  • Information is shared digitally whenever possible, to reduce paper waste from printing.
  • All print cartridges and batteries are recycled after use.
  • Cleaning products are eco-friendly and are bought in large containers to reduce packaging.
  • Kitchens are available, allowing staff to bring or make their own meals, so as to reduce packaging from ready meals and take-aways.
  • Water filters are provided, rather than bottled water. Cartridges are recycled after use.
  • Toilet roll is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Coming Next

  • We will be changing over to 100% green electricity tariffs at our store, as current contracts expire.


One of our ongoing concerns is how the products we sell are manufactured. Each new season, we try to gain more information from suppliers on the environmental impact of materials used. Where possible we aim to pass this information on to you via product pages on this site, and through our stores. 

This is a complicated area, especially for shoes – as mentioned above, shoe manufacturing can use up to 40 different materials. But there is a lot of research and innovation going on out there, with each brand taking a slightly different approach. We hope to be able to provide clearer details for you in future, so you can make more informed decisions on what to buy. For more information, and the picks of the latest range, see Sustainable Running Shoes.

Clothing is a little more straightforward, and we’re seeing new improvements every season. For more information, and the picks of the latest range, see Sustainable Running Clothing.

*Comparing the environmental impact of packaging materials is tricky. It means weighing up sustainability, carbon footprint, energy use in production and transportation, potential litter impact, whether it’s re-usable, recyclable, or biodegradable (as well as factoring in how likely it is to be re-used or recycled). Taking all this into account, starch-based compostable bags are always our first choice. After extensive research we’ve decided that while paper certainly has its eco-downsides, we consider it to be preferable to plastic – even bio-degradable types.

Delivery Information

UK Delivery is FREE on orders over £10.

International Delivery within 3 working days via DHL (prices vary according to country).

Priority First Class Delivery within 3 working days (charge £5).

Next Day Delivery available weekdays on orders placed before 3pm for next working day delivery (charge £7.50).

Orders placed Monday - Friday before 3pm will be dispatched the same day.

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