Best Running T‑Shirts: Summer 2022
Best Running T‑Shirts: Summer 2022

What's the difference with a running T-shirt?

There’s no doubt – a good running short-sleeve tee can change your life. It keeps you dry, fresh and chafe-free. Probably most of us have seen pictures of marathon runners with nipple bleeding marks on their T-shirt. Nope, we certainly don’t want that on our running tee! So, if you are active – you run, cycle, go to the gym etc. – you should consider a good technical top.

Check out the pick of our favourite short-sleeve running tees from the latest collection: technical, lightweight and well designed!

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Best Running T-Shirts to Prevent Chafing

If chafing is your main problem during your run, check out our selection of chafe-free short-sleeved tees! Seamless design and soft, technical fabric protect your skin from any irritation. Get ready for the smoothest and softest run of your life!

Women's On Performance Tee

Men's Ronhill Tech Marathon Tee
£33.00 £40.00

Breathable, high-wicking, Vapourlite fabric is “knitted in a tube” to create a seamless piece of fabric.

Men's La Sportiva Blitz Tee
£39.00 £45.00

Flatlock seam technology reduces chafing, so it's a great choice for longer runs.

Women's Ronhill Tech Marathon Tee
£33.00 £40.00

Vapourlite is crafted from super-soft performance yarn, “knitted in a tube” to create a seamless piece of fabric.

Women's La Sportiva Catch Tee

This beautifully designed tee has flat-locked seams prevent chafing against your skin.

Best Running Race T-Shirts

It doesn’t matter if you’re a competitive runner or you’re joining races for good fun – you still want to feel light and fast in your running gear. Check out our selection of super light and breathable tees to keep you right on track with your training and racing.

Women's Saysky Checker Combat Tee

Women's Compressport Trail Postural Tee 2021
£80.00 £95.00

Optimised thermoregulation and heat protection keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's not.

Women's Saysky Checker Combat Tee
£32.00 £45.00

Soft & lightweight. Technical wicking abilities keep you dry and comfortable on the run.

Men's Compressport Trail Postural Tee 2021
£80.00 £95.00

Designed for the rigours of trail racing, to help you with fatigue management and refuelling.

Men's Ronhill Tech Ultra Half Zip Tee
£42.00 £50.00

6 pockets around this tee for secure storage of all your key items on a long run.
Men's Ronhill Tech Ultra Half Zip Tee

Best Running T-Shirts for Hot Weather

Looking for the lightest and most breathable running tee for a warmer day? Check our our newest selection, and feel like you're wearing nothing! Designed to cool your skin, or with high UV protection.

Men's Saysky Tribe Combat Tee

Best Budget Running T-Shirts

Don’t want to spend a lot on your running gear? We’ve got you covered! Basic, but still technical, lightweight and breathable options for every runner.

Men's Adidas OTR Tee
Women's Brooks Distance Graphic Tee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can't I just run in a normal cotton T-shirt? 
A: Cotton material isn’t advised for any high-intensity activity because of its lack of moisture management and low breathability. Sweat is captured in it, which causes bacterial growth, a bad smell and rubbing against your skin.

Q: What is a technical fabric?
A: Material made from (usually synthetic) fibres, which are moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy. Every year, more and more companies are starting to use recycled polyester for running gear production, which makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. It's not only the content of the fabric, but the construction of the fabric that gives it technical properties.

Q: What is the best running shirt material?
A: Polyester or nylon are great for any high-intensity exercises. Some companies blend them with natural material like tencel, merino wool or linen for comfort and a cooling effect.

Q: How to care for running T-shirts?
A: We recommend washing all your technical clothes in 30 degrees, ideally with detergent designed for sportswear. Do not use any softener and remember to line dry your clothes.

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