In-Store Natural Gait Analysis

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In-Store Natural Gait Analysis

Why Gait Analysis for running shoe fitting?

Every runner will instantly feel the advantage of a properly fitted running shoe. In order to identify the best shoe for you, we analyse your running style as part of the shoe fitting process. Running technique coaches offer a different type of assessment with advice to improve your running style.

Why is Natural Gait Analysis the best way?

Our Natural Gait Analysis accurately identifies not only your foot strike but also the way your whole body moves as you run. From this we can determine the best running shoe for you. The appropriate running shoe support is vital to help you avoid strains or injury.


Booking is not necessary, but if you prefer, you can make an in-store appointment for your running shoe fitting, so you don't have to queue.



Too far away from a store to visit us? We now offer a different way of assessing your gait and identifying the best running shoe for you, so you can stay home, while enjoying the excellent personalised customer service you've come to expect from us.


What happens? Find out in the video...

How does the right pair of running shoes support me?

Natural Gait AnalysisThere are many aspects to the correct balance of support; the fit of the top part of the shoe (uppers), cushioning under your feet, and guidance to enable the best balance of your stride motion and the smoothest ride to minimise shock.

Do I need to know my type of foot strike?

Our Natural Gait Analysis will identify your foot strike. Simplistically there are three different types:

  • Neutral (foot lands upright)
  • Overpronation (foot collapses medially or to the 'inside')
  • Supination or Underpronation (foot rolls laterally or to the 'outside')

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I’ve had Gait Analysis before, why do I need it again?

Naturally our body changes over the years, depending on our lifestyle. So what's right for you one year can change the next if your lifestyle (or work-style) has changed. That's why it's important to have your gait analysed each time you replace your shoes.

At Run and Become we'll often ask you about other forms of exercise you do, so we can take into consideration how your body moves, not just when running but during your daily patterns of movement as well. This way we get the entire picture and can offer as much help as possible.

I've seen other people use treadmills and computers to analyse gaits. Are they more accurate?

Since we opened in 1982 we've seen a lot of different ways of assessing body movement and foot strike, and we've experimented with them, but never found anything more effective than doing gait analysis the natural way.

There have been plenty of studies showing that people run differently on a treadmill from the road. This is because on firm ground our legs create a propulsive force to accelerate the body and drive it forward. Simply put: runner moves, ground stays static.

When using video gait analysis on a treadmill, our body stays in the same position (in the forwards-backwards plane); there is no forward movement. Instead the running surface disappears behind us. Here the function of the leg muscles is not to propel but re-position our legs so as to keep our body stable, so the situation changes: runner is static and ground moves.

People who aren’t used to treadmill running take some time to adjust and get used to the different dynamic, which again affects the gait. As most of us use running shoes either in combination with outside and gym, or purely outside, we prefer to analyse the gait on a hard surface. If you are looking for running shoes purely to wear in the gym, we will be able to take this into consideration too.

Sounds exactly what I need, how do I book this service?

No booking is necessary, but if you prefer, you can make an appointment, so you don't have to queue.


All our staff are trained in Natural Gait Analysis and will be ready to serve you when you come in. Please allow 30 minutes for the fitting. We do not charge customers for our time and expertise in conducting the Natural Gait Analysis. We simply ask that, in return for this valuable service, you purchase your shoes from Run and Become.

“This is what a really good gait analysis should feel like”

– Miranda Larbi, Stylist Magazine

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