Best Autumn Running Gear: 2023

Best Autumn Running Gear: 2023

Autumn has begun and it’s time to start building those miles up. Whether you’re starting out or training to improve your PB, autumn makes it a bit easier for you with fresher weather, atmospheric landscapes and muddy terrains. If you’ve been wondering what you need to kick off your new running season, here’s our autumn running gear guide: the best kit to keep you dry, safe and comfortable throughout your adventures.

Waterproof Jackets / Windproof Jackets / Long-Sleeved Tops / Leggings & Compression / Race Vests & Backpacks / Gadgets / Hats, Gloves & Socks

Waterproof Running Jackets

Don’t let the changeable weather stop you this season! These waterproof jackets will keep you from overheating while helping you to stay dry and protected against the elements. Take your pick...

Shop Waterproof Running Jackets

Men's Janji Rainrunner Pack Jacket

Men's OMM Kamleika Jacket

Men's Ronhill Tech Gore-Tex Mercurial Jacket

Women's OMM Kamleika Jacket

Women's Ronhill Tech Gore-Tex Mercurial Jacket

Women's Ronhill Core Jacket

Running Jackets

Windproof Running Jackets

You won't always be exposed to the rain. Maybe you're not the type to run when it’s pouring down anyway, but wind protection is still important to you. These functional wind-resistant jackets will keep you comfortable with their breathable, lightweight and reflective fabrics.

Shop Windproof Running Jackets

Men's Ronhill Tech Gore-Tex Windstopper Jacket

Men's Ronhill Tech Afterhours Jacket

Women's On Weather Jacket

Women's Brooks Run Visible Convertible Jacket

Long-Sleeved Running Tops

Long-Sleeved Running Tops

Take advantage of technical, moisture-wicking and cosy tops this autumn! They will help absorb the sweat and humidity of your body, lowering the odds of getting cold quickly and catching a chill. Their breathability and soft fabrics will also enhance the overall comfort of running in chilly weather. Check them out…

Shop Long-Sleeved Running Tops

Men's Helly Hansen Lifa Active Baselayer

Men's Ronhill Tech Top

Women's Crewroom The H20 Hoodie

Women's Ronhill Core Half-Zip Top

Women's Repeat Merino Baselayer

Running Leggings

Running Leggings

Leggings matter! The last thing you want when you go for a run is non-breathable tights, hard seams that may cause chafing and not enough pockets to store your phone and other essentials. Some will even offer compression or weather protection. Keep reading and choose the perfect ones for you.

Shop Running Leggings & Tights / Shop Compression Clothing

Men's Ronhill Tech Revive Stretch Tights

Men's Ronhill Tech Afterhours Tights

Men's Ronhill Tech Winter Tights

Women's Ronhill Tech Revive Stretch Tights

Women's Janji Pace 7/8 Tights

Women's Ronhill Tech X Tights

Running Bags

Race Vests & Backpacks

Do your keys keep rattling in your pocket when you run? Do you carry a water bottle in your hand while you train, or a raincoat around your waist? Then it’s time to buy a running vest, backpack or a waist pack. There are quite a few to choose from depending on capacity or water load, all with lightweight, durable and well-ventilated designs. Check out the best packs for your short or long-distance runs.

Shop Running Hydration Packs / Shop Running Backpacks / Shop Running Waist Belts

Salomon Active Skin 8 Set

SPIBelt Running Waistbelt

Women's Gregory Maya 10 Backpack

OMM Trailfire Vest + Flexi Flasks

Salomon Pulse Belt

Running Gadgets

Technology has infiltrated the world of running and can be extremely useful when it comes to measuring and evaluating your performance. Make the most of your training and have all your needs covered with these extremely useful GPS watches by Polar, Coros and Garmin. Stay aware and safe with Aftershokz bone-conduction headphones, and running headtorches.

Shop GPS Running Watches / Shop Running Headphones / Shop Running Lights

Garmin Forerunner 965

Shokz OpenRun Headphones

Petzl Swift RL Headtorch

Garmin Forerunner 265

Ronhill Light Clip

Running Hats, & Gloves, Headbands & Socks

The feet, head, and hands can also suffer from colder temperatures, so keeping them protected can make running a more enjoyable experience. Hats, headbands, gloves, socks… they could be your favourite allies this autumn, thanks to their breathability, moisture-wicking and thermal properties.

Shop Running Hats, Gloves & Headbands / Shop Running Socks

Ciele CR3 Beanie

Buff Lightweight Merino

Ronhill Afterhours Gloves

Men's Thorlo Lite Running Crew LRXM Socks

Hilly Supreme Medium Cushioning Anklet Socks

Women's Balega Grit & Grace No-Show Socks - I Can I Will

Autumn Running Gear
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