The Best Running Socks for You

What comes to mind when you think of your running socks?

Soft... Comfy... Colourful.

If these words are not springing to mind, then keep reading.

So what makes sports socks special?

A good specific running sock, will be made up of several materials such as Coolmax, Polyamide and Elastane (amongst others). The difference between these socks and a generic cotton sock is the breathability.

But do socks really need to breathe?

If it's comfort you're after, then yes it does matter. As we all know, when we run we perspire. Just like our body needs to breathe, so too do our feet!

How to ensure happy feet?

Click on this video and find out which socks you love the most.

Still not sure which socks to try?

Which one of these three options do you relate to the most?

Let's start with HOT FEET

If you 're on a long run and suffering... not from exhaustion but from horribly hot feet, then you need to go for a thin, lightweight breathable sock, such as the Hilly Lite Socklet. I absolutely love these in the summer time! It's just enough protection from possible rubbing from the seams of the shoes, but no extra fuss. Simples ;) If you do feel like having a teeny bit of cushioning then the Feetures Elite Light Socks are the ones for you. With reinforced heel and toe areas for cushioning and durability and a super soft feel, your feet will be comfortable but won't overheat. Lastly, if you like a funky design then these Stance Fusions are light and fun.

How to cope with uncomfortable COLD FEET

For most people, once we get running our feet warm up with the rest of our body. However, for those runners with less than perfect blood circulation (such as myself), a padded higher-cut sock is a great way to combat those cold winter days. Even though they are thicker, the breathability of the material enables a cosy feeling without making you claustrophobic. Try the Falke RU3, or for ultimate warmth, go for the Thorlo LRXM. One more option is the Hilly Off Road which has warming merino wool to add that warmth factor.

So maybe your feet don't get too hot or too cold...

Maybe you have real problems with BLISTERED FEET

What causes blistering? It's basically rubbing of some kind. It can happen as a result of the shoes not fitting in the best possible way, in which case check out our free in-store Natural Gait Analysis. If the shoes are all good, and you are still suffering from blisters, then it could be that your cotton socks are getting damp from perspiration and then rubbing, causing blisters. This is uncomfortable at best, and incredibly painful at worst. I suggest trying a double layered sock, such as the Wrightsock Coolmesh, or the Hilly Twin Skin Socklet. The two layers can happily rub together and keep your precious feet out of the mix.

I hope this gives you a good insight into the world of running socks. They are also a great, fun present to give to a runner friend.

I've mentioned a few of my favourites, but you can see all the socks we stock here.

Happy running :)

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  • alan mcleodJuly 3, 2015 at 1:26pm
    Good presentation. Very informative. Thank You Reply
    • Dipika SmithJuly 4, 2015 at 12:45pm
      Hi Alan, so glad you've found it useful. Happy running:) Reply
  • CarmelimaJuly 3, 2015 at 2:37pm
    Very informative! Thank you. It's nice to get useful information about something which is obviously important but was a bit of a mystery area for me. I've stood in front of racks of sports socks wondering what I should be looking for more than once. Now I know! Thank you.

  • Dipika SmithJuly 4, 2015 at 12:50pm

    Thanks for the comment Carmelima. Great to hear that the video has shed light on the mystery of socks. Have fun with them, and happy training:)

  • AndrewJuly 4, 2015 at 4:59pm
    Hi Dipika, thanks for the great information. Loved the animation too! If the animator isn't too busy maybe they could write up the make and code of the product as you present them, as I wasn't always sure what was said at those points, not being familiar with some of those brands. Or probably cheaper, if you could hold the labels closer to the camera for a few seconds that would help too.

    Andrew Reply
    • Dipika SmithJuly 6, 2015 at 2:44pm

      Hi Andrew, thanks for the feedback. I agree, next time I can definitely hold each one up to the camera, so it's easier to see. I'll also pass on your message to Helena, (our animator).
      For now, if I can help with more specific questions, please feel free to contact us.
      Cheers :)

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