Best Winter Running Gear: 2023

Best Winter Running Gear: 2023

Running in winter can be joyful and fun, if you have the right kit. Not sure what to choose? We are here to help. Superb quality materials, highly technical fabrics, gorgeous designs. With our best running kit for winter you will stay protected from all the elements, feel incredibly comfortable and look just fabulous! So here are our top picks for this season.

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Waterproof Running Jackets

When living in the UK, a waterproof running jacket is a must for winter (sometimes even for summer). It's worth investing in a good quality one, that will not only keep you dry but also comfortable, as you won't be overheating in it. 

Shop Waterproof Running Jackets

Men's Janji Rainrunner Pack GFX Jacket
£175.00 £135.00

Men's OMM Kamleika Jacket

Men's Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket

Women's Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket

Women's Ronhill Tech Gore-Tex Mercurial Jacket

Women's OMM Kamleika Jacket
£190.00 £139.00

Waterproof Running Jackets

Windproof Running Jackets

If you are not going to run in the rain, and with the first drops you usually head home, then you could even go for a cheaper option. A windproof running jacket is not as costly as a waterproof one. So you will save some money and still be protected from wind, and light rain will get repelled from the fabric. 

Shop Windproof Running Jackets

Men's Odlo Essential Light Print Jacket
£70.00 £58.00

Men's On Climate Jacket

Men's Ronhill Core Jacket

Women's Odlo Essential Light Print Jacket
£70.00 £58.00

Women's On Weather Jacket

Women's Ronhill Tech Afterhours Jacket
£85.00 £50.00

Windproof Running Jackets

Long Sleeve Running Tops

None of us likes to overheat while exercising, or enjoy getting the chills from a cold wet T-shirt clinging to our back. The latter can be a particularly unpleasant experience while running in cold weather. Especially in winter, it's worth investing in a highly technical running top that will guarantee your perfect warmth regulation and optimal moisture transfer.

Shop Thermal Running Tops / Shop All Long Sleeve Running Tops

Men's Ronhill Tech Merino Half Zip Top

Men's Pressio BIO Top

Men's On Trail Breaker

Women's Janji Runterra Bio GFX Top
£58.00 £35.00

Women's Pressio BIO Top

Women's Ronhill Tech Merino Half Zip Top

Running T-Shirts

Love versatile layers? Stay comfy and cool with moisture-wicking and breathable T-shirts this winter. Channel your best running performance with our selection of stylish, cosy, and comfy pieces. Perfect to layer up with any top or jacket – you’ll forget you have it on! 

Shop Running T-Shirts

Men's Pressio BIO Tee

Men's On Performance Tee

Men's Montane Dart Nano Zip Tee

Women's Pressio BIO Tee

Women's Icebreaker ZoneKnit Slit Back Tee
£70.00 £45.00

Running Leggings & Trousers

Make sure your legs also get the attention they need, so they can perform at their best. We've got a big selection of technical running tights or loose running pants that will make sure your legs stay warm and comfortable.

Shop Running Leggings / Shop Running Trousers

Men's Adidas Otr Astro Woven Pants
£60.00 £40.00

Men's Pressio BIO Run Tights

Men's Ronhill Tech Winter Tights

Women's Ronhill Tech Winter Tights

Women's On Running Pants
£135.00 £122.00

Women's Brooks Run Visible Tights

Running Leggings

Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

In winter we often have customers asking for waterproof running shoes. These are our top picks that will keep you feet dry and comfortable, thanks to the fully waterproof GORE-TEX membrane. Although they are all trail shoes, you can also use them for your road running if needed. Just be prepared that they might be ever so slightly heavier and more robust than your regular road running shoes.

Shop Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Men's Brooks Cascadia 16 GTX

Men's Scarpa Spin Ultra GTX
£145.00 £105.00

Men's Saucony Excursion TR16 GTX

Women's Brooks Cascadia 16 GTX

Women's Scarpa Spin Ultra GTX
£145.00 £105.00

Women's Saucony Excursion TR16 GTX

Men's Scarpa Spin Ultra GTX

Hats & Gloves

Don't let the cold weather to keep you from running. With our winter running accessories you can keep your smile on throughout winter.

Shop Running Hats & Gloves

Brooks Fusion Midweight Gloves

Ronhill Afterhours Headband

Ronhill Afterhours Gloves

Running Hats & Gloves

More Running Accessories

Brand new models of GPS watches and running headphones have just arrived. Featuring the latest innovation these gadgets will take your running experience to the next level...

Shop All GPS Watches / Shop All Headphones / Shop All Accessories

Coros Apex 2 Pro

Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones

Petzl Actik Core Headtorch

Salomon Adv Skin 5 Set

Aftershokz Running Headphones
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