How to Carry Keys & Phone While Running

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How to Carry Keys & Phone While Running

Let’s set the scene. You’ve got your trainers on. You’re hydrated and you’ve just scoffed down an energy bar or banana. You shut the front door, phone and keys in hand, and are about to embark on your running route. Your hand automatically reaches down to put your phone in your pocket and … there isn’t one! This is a classic situation for most runners.

Running clothes are not always sufficient when it comes to pockets and storage space. If, like me, you dislike carrying essential items in your hands when you run, here's a list of fantastic clothing and accessories with storage solutions. Whether it be a little thigh pocket to subtly tuck your phone away or a more substantial pack to keep everything in one place on your longer runs, welcome to pockets galore.

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We have seen a big increase in clothes arriving to us with more and more storage space, and we are here for it! So, check out our fantastic range of apparel, from shorts with storage loops, to tights with zips and tops with pockets. High quality, functional and stylish – what more could you want?

Running Shorts with Pockets

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Running Shorts

Men's On Hybrid 7in Twin Shorts 2.0

These high performance shorts are not only technical and comfortable, but super practical. Versatile pockets on the outer layer that you'd expect. Then on the inner tights you also get hidden pockets to keep your phone and valuables secure.

Men's Pressio Run Shorts

A high-performance EcoPower CK fabric for ideal stretch, power and weight. 3 rear pockets, 1 zip pocket and 1 large middle pocket for phone.

Women's Ronhill Tech Marathon Twin Shorts
£52.00 £39.00

The outer layer is super stretchy for added movement, with 2 gel stash pockets & 1 secure pocket. The inner shorts offer support, 2 mesh pockets and are highly ventilated.

Women's Saysky Twin 3in Shorts
£60.00 £42.00

These super packable bottoms feature 2 inner waist gel pockets and pockets on inner shorts for phones and nutrition. Ideal for trail running.

Running Leggings & Tights with Pockets

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Men's Montane Dragon Trail Tights
£60.00 £45.00

These trail running tights are light and stretchy. They have a stretch waistband with internal waist drawcord, a rear pocket with YKK zip and rear gel shot pockets.

Men's On Running Tights 2.0

The minimalist design still has plenty of features: from ankle zippers for easier on and off, to an adjustable waistband. Covered pockets to keep valuables secure, as well as a secure key loop.

Men's Ronhill Tech Revive Stretch Tights

Perfect for the eco-conscious runner! Environmentally safe, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. Secure pocket, and stash pocket on the thigh.

Women's Ronhill Life Sculpt 7/8 Tights
£47.00 £32.00

High-waisted, flattering tights with side stash pocket to securely hold small items and most phones. Back zip pocket – perfect for the gym and running.

Women's Brooks Method 7/8 Tights
£70.00 £55.00

Offers support with a lightweight & breathable feel. Carry what you need with two side pockets and one back pocket — all big enough for a phone.

Women's On Running Tights 2.0

The minimalist design has plenty of features from ankle zippers for easier on and off, to an adjustable waistband, and covered pockets to keep valuables secure. Perfect for eco-conscious runners, thanks to the recycled polyamide and elastane fabric.

Running Tops with Pockets

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Compressport Running Clothing

Men's On Climate Shirt

Men's Crewroom North West Hoodie

Men's Ronhill Tech Ultra Half Zip Tee
£50.00 £22.00

Men's Crewroom Cloud Half Zip Top

Women's Ronhill Tech Prism Top
£60.00 £42.00

Women's Crewroom North West Hoodie


Not ready to buy new clothes but in desperate need of extra storage when you run? We’ve got you covered. From waist packs to vests and armbands, check out our fantastic range of accessories designed to provide extra pockets for everything you need to take with you on your runs, whether it be a short, fast-paced run or your long run on a Sunday.

Running Waist Packs

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Designed to hold your phone, keys and much more, these running waist packs are perfect if you’re looking to securely hold all your valuables in one place. If you’re looking for something lightweight yet bounce-free, then a waist pack could be for you.

SPIBelt Running Waistbelt

Runitude Vest Phone Holder

FlipBelt Classic

Ronhill OTM Belt

Fitletic Hydration Belt 16oz

Salomon Agile 250 Set Belt

Running Armbands

Shop All Running Armbands

Heading out for your shorter mid-week run and not looking to take too much kit with you? An armband is a great way of keeping your phone and smaller items accessible and safe without the need of a larger, bulkier pack.

Running Armbands

Ultimate Performance Ridgeway Phone Holder

Water-resistant and lightweight armband designed to fit most smartphones. Made from flexible fabric to mould round your arm while staying secure. High-vis trim for reflectivity.

Ronhill Stretch Gel Arm Pocket

Perfect for easily accessing your nutrition, as well as your phone and smaller personal items.

Fitletic Surge Armband

Audio-friendly true-touch window, multiple ear bud ports on both the top and bottom and an exterior mesh pocket and key clip.

Ronhill Stretch Wrist Pocket

The envelope style pocket is perfect to store keys, small snacks, smaller sized gel or other small essentials.

Running Hydration Vests

Shop All Running Hydration Vests

If you’re struggling to keep hydrated but find carrying bottles in your hand annoying and distracting, a lightweight hydration pack is a fantastic solution. Carry as much water as you need whilst ensuring the pack doesn’t add tremendously to the weight. Store all of your valuables safety, and access them easily when you need.

Running Hydration Vests

Montane Gecko VP 12+

Montane Gecko VP 5+

Salomon Adv Skin 5 Set

Women's Salomon Sense Pro 10 W Set

Salomon Adv Skin 12 Set

Why carry your phone while running?

Why you need to carry your keys is an obvious one, but what about the phone? Most of us are probably over-dependent on our smartphones in everyday life, and for some people running is the only chance to switch off from devices and communication. But running with a phone can be useful:

  • To make a call in an emergency
  • To listen to music
  • To help you navigate
  • To track your run
  • To take a sweaty selfie for Strava when it's over!


More and more, brands and manufacturers are starting to get clued in as to how necessary it is to have pockets and storage on your runs. Whether it be just a simple armband for your phone or key, or a bigger hydration back for your spare clothing, nutrition and water, or even a subtle thigh pocket under your twin-layer shorts, stay safe and secure on every run with our great range of clothing and running accessories with extra storage for whatever you need to take with you.

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