Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet: October 2021
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Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet: October 2021

Wide feet, bunions, high volume feet or really high arches?

You'll need wide fitting shoes. At Run and Become we've got lots of wide running shoes you can try. 

It's always advisable to come into one of our stores to get a proper shoe fitting so we can offer you some different models to try and make sure you end up with a suitable shoe for your foot strike and foot shape. However, if you do want to buy online be assured that all the links on this page will take you to the wide fitting versions of these shoes unlike some other posts which direct you to the standard widths. Meanwhile, here are some of the wide-fitting options we stock...

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Wide-fitting neutral running shoes

Best Wide-Fitting Neutral Road Running Shoes

If you've got a neutral foot-strike (i.e. your feet stay in an upright position when you run or walk) you could try these...

New Balance 1080 / New Balance 880 / Brooks Ghost Brooks Glycerin / Brooks Dyad / Hoka Bondi

New Balance 1080

New Balance's cushiest neutral shoe is lightweight, flexible and very shock absorbent. Built on an 8mm drop to promote a more natural, midfoot strike. The men's 1080 comes in a wide (2E) and an extra wide (4E) fitting. The 4E 1080 is the widest of all neutral shoes available, as far as we know. The women's comes in a wide fitting (D). New Balance wide fits are often a little deeper than other wide fits so they give you a bit more space between the insole and the upper creating more volume for your foot.

Men's New Balance 1080v11 2E
Black/White £135.00

Men's New Balance 1080v10 2E
Black/White £99.00 £135.00

Men's New Balance 1080v11 4E
Black/White £135.00

Women's New Balance 1080v11 D
Blue/Navy £135.00

Women's New Balance 1080v11 D
Black/White £135.00

Women's New Balance 1080v10 D
Black/White £99.00 £135.00

New Balance 880

New Balance 880 is a neutral road running shoe. In comparison with New Balance 1080, 880 is just a bit more flexible with a lighter feel to it, but still very stable and cushioned. The heel drop is 10mm.

Men's New Balance 880v11 2E
Blue/Navy £120.00

Men's New Balance 880v11 4E
Navy/Yellow £120.00

Women's New Balance 880v11 D
Grey/Blue £120.00

Women's New Balance 880v10 D
Blue £95.00 £120.00

Brooks Ghost

The Brooks Ghost franchise of well cushioned, stable, neutral shoes is tremendously popular. BioMogo DNA cushioning provides consistently soft yet responsive cushioning from heel to forefoot and a stretchy engineered mesh upper shapes itself to the foot’s natural lumps and bumps. Brooks Ghost comes in 2E width for men and a D width for women.

Men's Brooks Ghost 14 2E
Black/Red £120.00

Men's Brooks Ghost 13 2E
Black/Lime £108.00 £120.00

Men's Brooks Ghost 14 4E
Black/Black £120.00

Men's Brooks Ghost 13 4E
Black/Black £108.00 £120.00

Women's Brooks Ghost 14 D
Black/Coral £120.00

Women's Brooks Ghost 13 D
Black/Black £108.00 £120.00

Brooks Glycerin

Glycerin is the ultimate in soft! Brooks top of the range neutral shoe features a DNA Loft midsole which incorporates air and rubber for a supremely comfy and pillowy feeling as you step but still offers all the responsiveness and durability you need from a running shoe. An adaptable double jaquard mesh upper conforms to fit your foot's individual shape. Brooks Glycerin comes in 2E width for men and a D width for women.

Men's Brooks Glycerin 19 2E
Navy/Blue £140.00

Women's Brooks Glycerin 19 D
Ice Blue £140.00

Brooks Dyad

Straight-lasted and solid, the Dyad is a good stable neutral runner with ample shock absorption and a plush, cushioned insole for underfoot comfort. We stock 4E extra wide for men and 2E extra wide for women.

Women's Brooks Dyad 11 2E
Black/Green £95.00

Women's Brooks Dyad 11 2E
Navy/Pink £95.00

Hoka Bondi

Hoka One One are known for their exceptionally well padded running shoes with outsized midsoles that almost resemble platform shoes. They are favoured by ultra distance runners, runners with persistent injury problems and those who just love a seriously cushioned feel when running or walking. Many of our customers find the fit of Hoka shoes too narrow for them so we're happy to be able to offer the Bondi - Hoka's loved and trusted ultra cushioned road running shoe for the neutral striker - in a wide width fitting. Bondi's compression moulded EVA midsole is 33mm thick at the heel and 29mm at the forefoot to give you a soft underfoot feeling and plenty of impact absorption with a meta rocker that rocks you from heel to forefoot to facilitate a smooth forward motion.

Men's Hoka One One Bondi 7 Wide
Navy/Black £130.00

Also available in black.

Men's Hoka One One Bondi 7 Wide
Turbulence/Chili £130.00

Also available in black.

Men's Hoka One One Bondi 7 Extra Wide
Black/Black £130.00

Women's Hoka One One Bondi 7 Wide
Black/White £130.00

Women's Hoka One One Bondi 7 Wide
Black £130.00

Wide-fitting support running shoes

Best Wide-Fitting Anti-Pronation Road Running Shoes

If your feet have a tendency to collapse inwards when running or walking, your leg is being pulled out of the correct position with every step and you’ll need some support on the inside of the shoe to hold the foot upright and prevent injury. So give one of these a go...

Brooks GTS / Brooks Addiction / Asics Kayano / New Balance 860

Brooks Adrenaline GTS

The Adrenaline GTS is one of the most popular and effective antipronation shoes around. Support features reduce pronation and hold the foot in the optimum position so you can run or walk with confidence. BioMogo DNA cushioning attenuates the shock on landing. A super comfy upper with a midfoot saddle to cradle the foot completes the experience. 2E and 4E for men, D and 2E for women.

Men's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 2E
Navy/Red £120.00

Men's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 2E
Black/Black £120.00

Men's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 4E
Black/Black £120.00

Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 D
Black/Raspberry £120.00

Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 D
Black/Black £120.00

Brooks Addiction

Addiction is a straight-lasted and highly supportive training shoe featuring an extended rollbar which is strong enough to correct even heavy overpronation. A comfy upper with a plush padded heel collar and a super cushy insole gives the Addiction a cosy feel for long or short distance running or for wearing everyday if you need to. D width in the women's.

Men's Brooks Addiction GTS 15 2E
Black/Blue £110.00

Women's Brooks Addiction GTS 15 D
Black/Red £110.00

Women's Brooks Addiction GTS 15 2E
Grey/Aqua £110.00

Asics Kayano

Asics Kayano is the Rolls Royce of running shoes. A Duomax support system works with a stabilising heel counter and trusstic (bridge on the outsole under the middle of the foot) to stop the feet over pronating. Two of Asics' top midsole materials – Flytefoam Lyte and Flytefoam Propel – combine to absorb shock and give you a bouncy and cushioned ride without excess weight. A double layered jacquard mesh upper offers breathability and comfort. Men's 2E.

Men's Asics Gel Kayano 28 2E Wide
Black/White £155.00

New Balance 860

A breathable and stretchy engineered mesh upper adapts to the shape of your foot for a comfortable fit. A dual layer midsole featuring softer materials on top and firmer materials underneath offers a cushioned underfoot experience. Structurally sound, a firmer density post on the inside stabilizes pronating feet. In our experience, wide fitting New Balance shoes tend to be a bit broader deeper than their equivalents in other makes so they offer a little more volume than some others. Wide and extra wide for men (2E and 4E.) Wide D width for women.

Men's New Balance 860v11 2E
Blue/Navy £120.00

Also available in grey/black.

Men's New Balance 860v11 4E
Grey/Black £120.00

Also available in blue/navy.

Women's New Balance 860v11 D
Turquoise/Blue £120.00

Women's New Balance 860v11 D
Blue £120.00

Wide-fitting trail running shoes

Best Wide-Fitting Trail Running Shoes

For years and years there's been a gap in the market for a specifically wide-fitting trail running shoe. Up until now, we've had to make do with the standard width trail running shoes that come up wider than the rest and this can vary from year to year as I've found to my cost. A shoe that fits my wide feet one year will get updated the next year and I can no longer squeeze my horizontally-challenged plates of meat into them. Salomon and Hoka have provided us with a solution...

Salomon Speedcross / Hoka Challenger / Hoka Speedgoat / Brooks Cascadia

Salomon Speedcross Wide

Custom built for wide feet, this Speedcross is in its element on soft, wet terrain where its 6mm chevron shaped lugs provide monster grip both up and downhill and on the flat. The wet grip rubber outsole is sticky enough to reduce slippage on wet rocks or pavements. A tough, anti debris mesh upper with a built-in mudguard protect the feet over rugged trails and a moulded EVA midsole cushions the foot when the ground is harder. Super trail running power for wide feet.

Men's Salomon Speedcross 5 Wide
Black £120.00

Hoka Challenger

Designed for on and off-road running, the Hoka Challenger's trademark thick midsole provides you plenty of lovely cushioning and a 4mm lugged outsole gives you grip on soft wet stuff without being too aggressive for use on flat, road-type surfaces.

Men's Hoka One One Challenger ATR 6 Wide
Navy/Red £115.00

Women's Hoka One One Challenger ATR 6 Wide
Black/Coral £115.00

Hoka Speedgoat

In comparison with the Challenger, Hoka Speedgoat has a more durable Vibram Megagrip outsole. Not only does it have deeper lugs but it also offers the 'stepped' lugs feature, which will help you to shake away the mud from your shoes and keep your feet light.

Women's Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 Wide
Navy/Yellow £125.00

Brooks Cascadia

Cascadia 14 2E is Brooks’ first incarnation of a wide-fitting trail running shoe, offering protection and comfort for wide feet on rocky, muddy or uneven terrain. The built-in rock plate gives extra protection against sharp rocks and stones. The heel drop is 8mm for better connection to the ground. Featuring a velcro gaiter attachment so you’ve the option to use gaiters when running on sandy terrain (gaiters are not included).

Men's Brooks Cascadia 16 2E
Black/Lime £120.00

Women's Brooks Cascadia 16 D
Black/Blue £120.00

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