The Secrets of Running Shoe Laces

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The Secrets of Running Shoe Laces

Ever had to stop in a race just to tie your laces up?

Giving out water to runners at our Self-Transcendence 10k race a couple of weeks ago, I saw a fast runner stop abruptly, tie his laces and run on. I really felt for him! We've all had this experience. If not in a race, then during a training run.

Picture this: You're into your stride, enjoying the rhythm and beautiful scenery, trying desperately to ignore the fact that your laces have come undone.

Do you stop and tie them up (again)? Or do you just continue, hoping that you don't trip up and end up with a hurt knee?

OR: You're running well, but your shoes are just slipping slightly at the heel.

Have you ever had the experience where you tighten the laces but then they end up cutting into your foot?

If one or both of these scenarios sound familiar, watch this video. Learn two ways to end naughty straying laces for good. Make sure a PB doesn't run away from you just because your laces come undone.

In the past, have you been in control of your laces, or have your laces controlled you? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Happy smooth running.

All the very best,

P.S. A word of warning - when cutting the lace, remember you only have one chance, so be careful not to cut them too short. I learned the hard way ;-)

Reflective Elastic Laces

Reflective Elastic Laces

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