Dipika Smith

Owner, London

What fuels my running? The buzz I get after an intense session. I won't go running without my... really comfy running socks! I love the Thorlo Experia socks for colder days, and the Hilly Monoskin for warmer days. I run and become... to blow out the cobwebs and be ready for the day's challenges. My best ever running experience... When I'm doing speed work. Sprinting focuses me and thrills me.

Best Shoes for Walking to Work: 2023

Is it good to walk to work? Are running shoes good for walking? What to look for in your commuting shoes: in terms of cushioning, support & flexibility?

In-Store Natural Gait Analysis

Why Gait Analysis for running shoe fitting? Why is Natural Gait Analysis the best way?

Using The GRID® Foam Roller: Self-Massage for Runners

Perfect for injury prevention and rehab, such as ITB syndrome, shin splints, achilles problems, tight quads and hamstrings.

Shin Splints and Running

Once shin splints hit, they can play havoc with your training schedule, but don't get disheartened. There are ways to prevent and abolish them for good.

Review: On Weather Jacket

A super lightweight breathable jacket with the addition of style.

Online Gait Analysis

Have your gait analysed from home, while enjoying the excellent personalised customer service you've come to expect from us.

Choosing Your First Athletic Spikes

If your child needs spikes for track & field, and you don't know where to start, here are answers to 6 FAQs. We have a great a range of kids' spikes too.

Fuel Your Body For Running

What to eat, and when to eat it? Fuelling the body is an integral part of your training.

Marathon Overtraining: tips to avoid it

Are you in marathon melt-down?! Don't panic! Just keep reading.

Running Energy and Hydration

Views on running drinks and supplements vary widely according to individual taste.

Knee Pain in Runners

Check out Dipika's 6 simple points to get your knees back on track.

How to Start Running

Running is something that comes completely naturally to us from childhood.

The Secrets of Running Shoe Laces

Are you in control of your laces, or are your laces controlling you?

When to Change My Running Shoes?

Are you making an impact, or is the road making an impact on you?

The Social Side of Running

If you can't muster the enthusiasm to put on your trainers, some company might help.

Back Pain in Runners

Back pain is such a common problem. However, unless it is severe, sometimes the energising movement of going for a run can be just what our body needs.

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