Review: On Weather Jacket
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Review: On Weather Jacket


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A super lightweight breathable jacket with the addition of style. Available in both women's and men's.

Women's On Weather Jacket

Men's On Weather Jacket


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Superior breathability
  • Beautiful soft feel
  • Neat, no-fuss design
  • Stylish and flattering fit


  • When the zip is up fully, it has a slight tendency to annoy me under the chin
Women's On Weather Jacket
Men's On Weather Jacket

Fit and Feel

I'm very fussy when it comes to my running clothing. 

I look for softness to the touch, style, good technical fabric, flattering fit and colour...not too much to ask ;-)

Did I find all this in the ON Weather Jacket?

Yes, I did.

I love the slim fit. It drives me nuts when a jacket flaps around, so the fact that I pop this on and don't even notice it, is a huge plus for me. Coincidentally, I've also noticed that once a customer puts one of these jackets on, she/he doesn't want to take it off again. I love the details, especially on the cuffs. There's no rubbing or scratchy seams, it's pure softness caressing the wrists.


The 360° ventilation really does work to offer a second-to-none experience in terms of breathability. I have used this ON weather jacket in literally opposite weathers conditions.

I used it on my way to an early morning high-intensity class in humid New York's summer heat. As there was a tiny bit of a breeze at 5am, I put it on top of a lightweight tee. After the (rather fun and sweaty) workout, I wore it on the subway home, and was amazed that I felt none of that horrid sticky feeling that would come with a cheaper, less breathable running jacket.

I have also used it in the cold with a thicker thermal underneath, and it was perfect. To me, this proves that it's a bit of class!

As for the waterproofness, it's not 100% but the DWR treatment works more than adequately for a good water-repellent jacket.

On Weather Jacket


This running jacket is easy to use. Both women's and men's look great ON – excuse the pun ;-) The attention to detail makes this a joy to wear. I love the look, the feel, the sheer class of this beautiful jacket. Thank you, ON!

Men's On Weather Jacket

Women's On Weather Jacket

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