The Best Way to Clean Your Running Shoes

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The Best Way to Clean Your Running Shoes

We wear the mud and grit on our running shoes with pride, proof of our courage against the elements and lethargy. However, there are limits! Especially if your gym trainers are the same as your run-on-the-trails shoes. It's also not going to help the durability of the uppers if they're constantly caked in mud.

I often hear customers say 'what is the best way to clean them', so here's a quick and easy little demo, just press play.

See how quick and easy it is to get those trainers almost good as new? Just remember NEVER PUT TRAINERS IN THE WASHING MACHINE! It's a recipe for disaster.

Do your running shoes smell bad even after cleaning? Lemon Sole spray will refresh them and get rid of bacteria instantly.

Lemon Sole Shoe Spray

Lemon Sole Shoe Spray
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Thanks for reading / watching and I hope this has been of some use to you. If you've any other suggestions / questions I'd love to hear from you, just pop me a note down below.

Enjoy your running!

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