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What fuels my running? Love of this fascinating world we live in. I won't go running without my... properly fitted running shoes! I run and become... someone who lives in the moment again. My best ever running experience... Running on snow for the first time, in a silent and deserted Warsaw park. Simply magical. That plus, in my fortieth year, matching my 2-mile race time from my early 20s.

Review: Brooks Cascadia 17, Trail Running Shoes

Great mixed-terrain shoe for all surfaces. Soft, cushioned and with fantastic grip! Now even lighter, you won’t be disappointed with Cascadia 17.

Review: Saucony Triumph RFG, Neutral Road Running Shoes

Move with comfort and confidence with Saucony's most environmentally-conscious shoe. Performance meets ecological running shoe. A match made in heaven.

Review: Saucony Triumph 21, Neutral Road Running Shoes

A great daily road running shoe, offering a soft and responsive landing with every stride. Increase of bio-based materials for an eco-conscious option

How do I know my foot strike when running?

Knowing your foot strike and gait is crucial when choosing running shoes. Find out if you're neutral, overpronating or supinating, and what to do next.

Best Vegan Running Shoes: Spring 2024

Many running shoes use plant-based materials, but some are 100% vegan, including the glues. Check out our top selection of totally vegan running brands.

Best Backpacks for Running

What's the best running backpack for you? If you're running to work with stuff on your back, make sure you're secure and comfortable. FREE UK delivery.

Review: La Sportiva Akasha 2, Trail Running Shoes

Excellent trail running shoe with good cushioning for long days on trails and hills with a mix of road, trail and mud.

How to Find Your Best Running Bra: 2024

The most fundamental piece of kit for women can be the most frustrating to get perfect.

Review: On Cloudrunner, Support Road Running Shoes

A great road running shoe for those looking for the perfect blend of comfort and responsiveness, whilst supporting the foot to encourage a balanced gait.

Review: Sidas Gel Toe Cap & Wrap

A simple, soft, stretchy gel wrap that pops over your toe and can be pulled down the toe to protect against caluses or blisters, or eased up to cover the toe nail and prevent black toenails.

Best Running Nutrition for Energy & Recovery

Nutrition is an essential part of a runner's training. A popular choice is a high-carbohydrate content in energy drinks, energy gels, energy bars or chews.

Cross Training for Runners

Cross training is a great way to strengthen the muscle groups that either don't get a workout when running or are subject to fatigue in distance running.

The Importance of Core Strength for Runners

A strong core protects against knee and ankle injuries, hip and lower back pain, as well as lessening over-pronation.

How to Use Energy Gels

New to energy gels and confused by the choices? Get expert tips on how they work, how many & when to take them, how to carry them and the best ones to try.

Transition to Minimalist Running Shoes

Been inspired by the new breed of running shoes? Shankara has some tips and exercises.

Review: Brooks Drive Interlace Bra

Brooks Drive Interlace Bra is a supportive and comfortable compression running bra that avoids the uni-boob look.

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