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Saucony Triumph RFG


Neutral Road Running Shoes


Average Weight: Men's 295g / Women's 266g
Stack Height: 37/27mm
Heel Drop: 10mm

If you're looking for an eco-responsible, neutral road-running shoe with great cushioning, this is the one for you!

Men's Saucony Triumph RFG

Women's Saucony Triumph RFG



The upper wraps the foot from heel to midfoot, cradling it in a secure way but without restricting in the width of the shoe. A loop on each side connects the midsole for an extra secure fit, whilst the flat-knit construction ensures there are no seams to create friction or tension. The toe box is a little shallower than Triumph 21, but feedback from customers is that they love the fit even more. The tongue and the heel collar feel nicely padded. The upper mesh is slightly more substantial than Triumph 21 but maintains breathability. The tensal yarn is not only more ecological but also gives a more natural, less plastic-y feel. Plant based dyes have been used throughout.


The PWRRUN BIO+ cushioning is plush! It's also flexible and gives a smooth transition through your stride, resulting in less tension running up into your legs. It contains 55% bio-based (from corn) materials. We were concerned this could result in a less enjoyably cushioned feel but that's not the case at all, it feels lushly cushioned with maybe a little less bounce than you get with Triumph 21.

Outer sole:

This shaped outersole (cut to offer protection at pressure and wear points) comprises 80% natural rubber. So with time the wear patterns may look a little different from your other trainers, but fear not, it's completely hard wearing! You're not sacrificing anything in quality.

Saucony Triumph RFG
Saucony Triumph RFG


  • RFG stands for Run For Good; plant based dyes, increased bio-based materials in the midsole, natural rubber outersole
  • Currently the most ecologically responsible running shoe in our range
  • For the amount of cushioning provided this is light
  • Very smooth transition from heel to toe-off, making it super-comfortable
  • Lush cushioning, as soft as Triumph 21
  • All the protection you need, no matter how many miles / hours you're running for
  • Ideal for anyone with a neutral running gait who's had/has a foot injury, as it's so cushioned


  • Won't suit anyone who's used to a firmer feel underfoot
  • Those who need a little extra support under the arch, try the Triumph 21
  • Slightly neater fit around the forefoot, so if you've got a wider foot the Triumph 21 will suit better

In Testing

As a long-time wearer of Saucony Triumph, I was very excited to try this RFG version with its more natural materials. It feels surprisingly similar to Triumph 21; considering the difference in midsole material compounds, this is a great achievement for Saucony. I'm getting the same smooth, ultra-cushioned feel. There's arguably a little less spring to them, so they truly feel like a distance shoe, and I wouldn't reach for them for a tempo session or a shorter race. Otherwise they feel great.

Actually, the smoothness of stride is improved, in my opinion, which really helps when the miles are stretching out and my fatiguing muscles are resulting in a slightly wooden feel through my stride. The fit of the upper is a little neater, but it's going to give more with time, unlike the more synthetic upper of Triumph 21. I like a lot of space for my toes, but so far they're perfectly happy in these.


Until very recently, running shoe brands have been struggling to address environmental concerns in production much beyond choosing recycled rather than virgin plastics. The introduction of bio-based materials by Saucony, Asics and others has moved things in a more positive direction. Saucony really has out-sprinted the field with the Triumph RFG, and all of us here are really impressed with the results.

With this shoe you can choose to support good environmental practice without sacrificing performance or durability. If you have a neutral gait and love a well-cushioned shoe, this is going to make you a very happy runner!

Men's Saucony Triumph RFG

Women's Saucony Triumph RFG

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