3 Best Waterproof Running Jackets: 2021
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3 Best Waterproof Running Jackets: 2021

Are you battling with the weather to keep up with your running? Let’s face it, running in autumn-winter can be tough – physically and mentally. Making a smart investment in your wardrobe can mean the difference between going out and skipping a run. 

One of the essentials for wet and cold weather is a waterproof running jacket. If you look after it, this piece of kit should last you a few years, so it's worth a bit of extra thought. That's why we've selected 3 best buys from our latest range.

 Using the latest waterproof technology, any of these would be a brilliant choice of outer layer in challenging weather. They're all fully waterproof and windproof, extremely lightweight, with taped seams, adjustable hoods, and with as much breathability as possible!

OMM Kamleika Jacket / Salomon Bonatti Trail Jacket / Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket

Men's OMM Kamleika Waterproof Running Jacket

OMM Kamleika Jacket

The newest version of the legendary OMM jacket has landed! This extremely light outer layer has improved durability & waterproofing and less flapping in the wind.

OMM jackets are well-known for their stretchy materials. It is their moisture-wicking four-way stretch Gelanots Fabric that moulds to your body in a way that other materials would not. The new version introduces a nylon outer layer, which immensely improves durability without sacrificing breathability.

The Kamleika Jacket feels much softer compared to other jackets on the market. It’s like a fully waterproof softshell with rating 20,000 HH and a breathability level of 20,000 g/m2. You can easily forget that you are wearing it, as it is so light. 

  • It is also because of this stretch fit that the air volume inside the jacket can be reduced, making it an even better and virtually noiseless fit.
  • It would be also great for longer races in winter, as you can ventilate with the two way YKK zip and avoid overheating.
  • You can store gloves or other essentials in two huge hand pockets.
  • The hood is adjustable and has a peak.
  • Reflectivity features on the front back and the sleeves.

All these features make it a great option for running basically any distance on any terrain, while needing protection against rain and wind.

Women's OMM Kamleika Jacket
Grey £190.00

Men's OMM Kamleika Jacket
Grey £190.00

Women's Salomon Bonatti Trail Jacket

Salomon Bonatti Trail Jacket

This jacket is perfect for racing long distance thanks to its optimised fit to wear it over Salomon hydration packs.

This newest updated version of the ever-popular Salomon waterproof jacket has some exciting changes. If you (like me) you're a big fan of Salomon hydration vests, this is THE jacket for you. Thanks to a special construction you can wear it over the vest (up to 12L) keeping your valuables inside safe and dry. How amazing this is!

Of course, that’s just one of the many features this jacket offers. Super lightweight Japanese Mitsui fabric provides full protection against wind, snow and rain but also allows for high breathability (20k/20k).

A generous chest pocket keeps your valuables dry. Also, you can actually pack the jacket inside this pocket for a smart storage. Seamless shoulders and articulated sleeves adapt to your body (with the vest on perhaps?) for a perfect fit. You barely can feel this jacket on!

Women's Salomon Bonatti Trail Jacket
Blue £200.00

Men's Salomon Bonatti Trail Jacket
Black/White £200.00

Women's Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket

Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket

Protective yet incredibly lightweight jacket (192g) for tough conditions.

Maybe you’ve heard of races like Dragon’s Back, Spine, Lakeland 100 or Yucon Arctic Ultra race?  They have one thing in common – Montane is a brand that organises these amazing and a little crazy events! This legendary brand creates incredibly lightweight, waterproof and breathable garments essential for fast and light mountain activities.

The Montane Minimus Jacket is your MUST if you’re planning some runs across hills or mountains. Lightweight and very breathable 20 Denier PERTEX® SHIELD 2.5 layer waterproof and fully taped fabric provides full protection in rainy conditions.

Adjustable hood stays on your head thanks to the pre-elastication and stiffened front. This jacket is packable in one of the side pockets and reflective details keep you safe during low-light conditions. What we especially love about this jacket is its durability. It lasts for years and still providing full protection. The fabric is strong and doesn’t wear off easily in off-road conditions. It’s just a very well-made garment. Also, the price. We loooooove it.

Women's Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket
Blue £165.00

Men's Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket
Navy £165.00

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