Running Injuries: Foot & Ankle

What to do if your feet turn out while running

Splayed feet? Duck feet? If you're out-toeing during your walk or run, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis – pain in the sole of the foot, especially the heel & arch – is the 3rd most common running injury. Find the best running shoes.

Foot Care for Runners

Sometimes a runner's feet just don’t get the care and attention they deserve.

Stress Fractures from Running

A stress fracture, also known as a hairline fracture, is an overuse injury, typically related to high impact activities like running.

Achilles Tendonitis in Runners

Inflammation in the Achilles tendon is called Achilles tendonitis. This is due to the repetitive stress, which causes micro-tears to the tendon.

Improve your Ankle Mobility to Prevent Injuries

Limited ankle range-of-motion and reduced foot flexibility can result in all kinds of injuries – Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and more.

Metatarsalgia or Forefoot Pain in Runners

Metatarsalgia is the general name given to pain in the forefoot, otherwise called the ball of the foot.

Blisters and Running: Prevention and Cure

Have you ever felt you could keep on running, were it not for a painful blister developing on your foot?

Orthotic Insoles for Running

A custom-made orthotic insole is tailored for each individual foot and your specific needs. It's usually designed to be worn inside a neutral running shoe.

Tendonitis in Runners

Tendonitis is a painful condition, often seen in runners. Here we cover the possible causes of tendonitis, plus share some tips on relief and prevention.

Plantar Fasciitis from Running

Are you experiencing pain at the bottom of your heels? What are the symptoms and causes of plantar fasciitis and how can it be relieved? Find out more!

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