Foot Care for Runners

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Foot Care for Runners

As runners our feet are obviously incredibly important, but sometimes they just don’t get the care and attention they deserve. In this article I will try to show a few simple ways you can look after your feet and keep them happy.

First if your feet are sore in any way, DON’T run. Check your shoes, how old are they? If they are showing signs of wear, bring them in to one of our shops and we can check if it is just old shoes that are the problem. It’s so good to see a pair of old worn shoes, they tell us so much about your running. If your shoes are fine, or if your foot has been sore for a while, then definitely go and see either a podiatrist or physio.

We stock a PediRoller that can help massage out the sole of the foot, loosening up the plantar fascia. It can also be put in the freezer – ice can help against inflammation. Using the Trigger Point MBX Massage Ball is another great way to stretch out this muscle.

General Foot Care

  • Prevention is always the best course of action. Act before a problem starts to develop.
  • If you have any hard skin or calluses on your feet, treat yourself to a pedicure. Blisters under hard skin can be a real hassle.
  • After a muddy trail run, a nail brush can be really handy to get rid of all the mud from the feet and toes.
  • Keeping the skin soft and supple can help to prevent blisters. Putting a little oil on the feet after a shower can help immensely.
  • Use technical running socks that wick the moisture away and keep the feet dry. This can help guard against blisters.
  • If you get a massage, ask them to give your feet a rub as well, it feels wonderful.

Shoe Fit

Make sure you have enough space in your shoes.

If you get black toenails after a long run this could be an indication that your shoes are too small. Keeping your nails nice and short can help, but you might want to try a half size larger next time.

If you get numbness or pins and needles in your feet this is often a sign your shoes are too snug. Try wearing a thinner sock, this may help, but the best solution might be larger shoes.

Always remember running shoes do not give and stretch as much as leather shoes and your feet are much more likely to expand while running.

Visit our stores for a proper fitting, and we can give you more personal advice.

Foot Exercises

Here are some easy exercises that can help to strengthen your feet:

1. Wiggling and clenching your toes
This can help to strengthen the plantar fascia (one of the main muscles which goes along the sole of the foot.)

2. Try to pick up a pencil with your toes
This is fun, but can be tricky depending on the strength of your feet.

3. Take your shoes and socks off and try to ‘walk’
Walk (or move yourself forward) just by clenching and unclenching your toes. You won’t go very far or very fast, but it will strengthen your feet very nicely. You could have a very short, slow race to see who has the strongest feet!

Be sensible and don’t do too much. If you feel any pain, stop! Little and often is always best.

I hope this has helped give you some ideas of how you can take care of your feet.

Trigger Point MBX Massage Ball

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