Choosing Running Tops

What differentiates running gear from other workout wear is the use of technical fabrics that remove perspiration from your skin, preventing uncomfortable chafing caused by the build-up of moisture. The materials are breathable, light and durable – designed to keep you dry and comfortable. Some styles – such as short sleeves and vests – are made of Coolmax materials which are suitable for running in warmer weather conditions. For running in colder weather the tops are made of thermal materials. These include base layers to be worn next to the skin, and thicker top layers.

Long Sleeve Tops

For those mid-season days when you’re not quite bold enough to expose your arms to the elements, a long sleeve tee will give you that bit of extra protection without causing you to overheat as you get into your run. Some are built of the same fabric you’ll find on short sleeve tees; others have a closer knit and therefore a little more warmth. These work great in cool to mild weather and as a baselayer under a jacket when it gets a bit nippier.
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All our running tees are moisture wicking and breathable. If you’ve never tried a technical running tee, trust us it will revolutionise your running, you’ll never look back! Most are slim or loose cut with a few form-fitting and stretchy. They wash and dry easily and will keep your running happily in warmer weather. They also work well layered under a windproof jacket in mild but wet weather.
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Thermal Tops

The Rocky era days of running in a bulky sweatshirt on cold days are over. Now it’s technical fabrics, amazing lightness and effective thermal regulation. Thermal running tops vary in warmth but all are light, moisture wicking and breathable. The warmest tend to be slightly fleeced on the inside, most are slim fitting for effective temperature regulation, and all have some kind of reflective detailing. Go for a mid-warmth and layer under a jacket on the coldest days, or invest in a do-it-all single layer thermal that will see you through the bitterest mornings.
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The lightest running tops going, these running vests are ideal for hot days or gym sessions; super light, well cut to move with your body, and breathable. There are also closer fitting tank tops for women.
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