On Active 7/8 Tights

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On Active 7/8 Tights


Women's Running Leggings, Tights and Trousers


These On running tights are absolutely magic. Feather-light and super-soft, supportive and yet not at all restrictive. High-tech fabric and lovely detailing.

Women's On Active 7/8 Tights

Save - 40%

Women's On Active 7/8 Tights
Women's Running Leggings & Tights
£90 £54


  • 7/8 length
  • Elastane-free mechanical stretch fabric
  • Flat waistband
  • Envelope-style phone pocket
  • 2 small gel pockets
  • 1 key loop
  • Reflective detailing
On Active 7/8 Tights
On Active 7/8 Tights


  • Incredibly lightweight and easy to pack
  • Fabric hits the sweet spot between supportive & stretchy
  • Secure storage for phone, card, gels&keys
  • Flattering cut


  • Perhaps just the price, but they’re easily worth the money
  • Lack of colour selection

In Testing

Are you someone who – like me – avoids wearing shorts like the plague? Then you probably struggle to find legwear for summer that doesn't feel too bulky or clingy in the heat, right? These tights feel so light and thin, I hardly even notice them on. I haven't yet used them anything over the mid-twenties Celsius, but I'd be confident to give it a go if the British summer allows.

I've found them fantastic for travelling – especially on short trips and on budget airlines, where luggage space is at a premium. They only take up about the same room as a lightweight T-shirt, so would also be perfect for run-commuting.

Full disclosure: I don’t run long distances, but if I were to up my mileage, I'd be confident to use these, as they seem really durable. The fabric is so high-spec, and with just the right amount of stretch, that I can't imagine them chafing.

I've used my trusty tights for some pretty challenging gym sessions, which they’ve taken in their stride. They seem to stretch effortlessly in all directions, offering support without restriction. I'm especially impressed with the flat waistband, as it keeps them up without digging into my tummy, no matter what I'm doing. Apart from a very slim band of elastic, the fabric itself magically does the job of keeping everything in place.

The unobtrusive storage gives plenty of options for carrying things over any distance. Each detail is cleverly designed not to add bulk when they're not needed – no zips or anything to alter the line of the cut. At first I didn’t even realise there was any storage at all.

I even love the colour – it's a bit more cheerful than black but without drawing attention to itself.


I would recommend these 7/8 tights without reservation to anyone doing any kind of exercise, especially running. These are not the cheapest on the market, and with good reason, but I'm confident they'll last me a few seasons and pay for themselves a few times over.

Women's On Active 7/8 Tights

Save - 40%

Women's On Active 7/8 Tights
Women's Running Leggings & Tights
£90 £54

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