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MightyBee Bananito Energy Bars


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Great tasting, healthy energy bar packed with organic banana and topped with healthy dark chocolate and nuts. Ideal for pre-exercise and during a long run when you need an easily digestible energy source.

Bananito - Dark Chocolate Dipped
Dark Chocolate Dipped £1.20


We know we should be eating food in its most natural state and with as little added sugar, etc. as possible, whilst supporting sustainable farming that works with the environment not against it. Well, this bar ticks all those boxes and manages to give you what you need in a very tasty way.

The texture is slightly chewy but is quick to break down in your mouth. Unlike many energy bars, this one doesn’t suck the saliva from your mouth as you eat, so it’s fast to consume and leaves little residue on your tongue.

The bananas provide a natural sweetness which is very pleasant, it tastes like the little bananas you get in the Far East which are sweeter than the bigger ones. In the ones with dark chocolate the flavour is neither bitter nor overly sweet. The nuts in the Almond Crush flavour add a nice texture.

Easy to digest, it doesn’t feel heavy in your stomach but provides the slow energy release that you need during prolonged exercise.

MighyBee Bananito


  • Lovely texture and taste
  • Light on the stomach
  • A natural taste that isn’t overly sweet


  • You need to like bananas!
  • The chocolate topping can melt, though mine didn’t even after being tucked in my race vest for 2 hours on a warm day.
MightyBee Bananito

In Testing

I don’t find it easy to eat during a long run, in the past I’ve tried to make do with gels, but the longer the distance the more essential some kind of food becomes. I’ve tried a few bars and struggled to eat them without a heaviness in my tummy or a sticky left-over dryness in my mouth.

This bar has proved the perfect solution; I ate it 2 hours into a 5 hour run, felt no effect on my pace immediately after eating it, it subdued the hunger pangs, it gave me energy. I also feel good about environmental kind process used to make the bars.

Bananito - Dark Chocolate Dipped
Dark Chocolate Dipped £1.20


Delicious! I’m genuinely impressed and in love with this bar. I’ll be reaching for Chocolate Dipped or the Chocolate Almond version every time I head out on a long training run. 

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