Women's Montane Trailblazer 24

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Women's Montane Trailblazer 24


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Want a backpack that is lightweight and super durable that can withstand vigorous mountain activities? Then look no further. Let me introduce you to the Montane Trailblazer 24L backpack that is one of my personal favourites! It allows me to optimise my hikes through hillsides and mountains!

Women's Montane Trailblazer 24

Women's Montane Trailblazer 24
Women's Running Backpacks


  • Customised, body-hugging COVALENT harness
  • Easily adjustable ZephyrAD back system
  • Two off-centre Montane Click and Go chest harness straps
  • Two harness pockets with security zips
  • Accessible, wrap-around wand pockets with security zips
  • Bivi opening with Cord Lord quick release
  • Large side stretch pockets for external storage
  • Side compression
  • Front daisy chain with reflective detailing
  • Multiple pole attachment points
  • Bladder pocket with Velcro loop to hook and secure bladder in place so it doesn’t sink to the bottom of the bag. (Exit point indicated on the side of the bag with ‘H2O’ written visibly)
  • Webbing loop located at the bottom of front strap in case you are cycling & want to attach a bike light


  • RAPTOR Cross Lite 70 Denier fabric
  • RAPTOR Resistance 210 Denier base panels
  • CONTACT Air Mesh Plus on harness
  • CONTACT Open Mesh back panel
  • HALO lining
Women's Montane Trailblazer 24 Running Backpack
Women's Montane Trailblazer 24 Running Backpack


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quick wicking from the honeycomb shaped mesh integrated on the back. Along with contact open mesh, another material attached directly to the back section of the backpack, super breathable and with the combination of foam beneath.
  • Air can pass through easily and then is wicked away.
  • The stretchy mesh panels on either side are great for storing necessary things like food and small essentials.
  • The snug fit of them holds everything in place. This is all an open compartment with a secure zip fastening on the other end.
  • Plenty of storage compartments and generous main storage space.
  • Easy access and fastening with just a drawcord – with just one pull on the loop and drawcord in opposite directions you can open the backpack.


  • Not fully waterproof, just water/snow repellent from the DWR coating (durable water repellent), a polymer that's applied to the outermost fabric layer. But there is a 'daisy chain' segment to attach extra storage compartments such as waterproof gear or wet clothes.
  • The shape may not be to everyone favour, it's quite slim in design. Check out larger capacity backpacks here.

In Testing

I tested the Montane Trailblazer 24L backpack on several hikes through the summer and even in the snow! I was not disappointed with my choice in terms of capacity as it's a great size for small weekend trips. Overall I'm happy with how the backpack sits and fits – my torso is quite short, but I didn't notice any discomfort with this whilst on the move.

I also did some research into the various fits of where the back panels should sit on your back. You can simply adjust the Zephyr AD back system, which is adjustable and secured by Velcro. Beneath the padded Velcro, I was able to adjust the size of the back panel so it sits according to the calculated measurements:

Men (S = 40cm, M = 45, L= 53 cm)
Women ( S = 38, M = 43, L= 48 cm)

It was simple and easy to adjust. Simply lift the back panel, slide your hand down the back and separate the velcro and slide it up to where you need. To calculate which is the most suitable length for your back, measure from your C7 vertebrae (bending your head forward, you should feel the knobbly vertebrae situated on the base of your neck). Then measure from there to the top of your iliac crest (the hip bone). Naturally you'll know if it's comfortable or not when you've got weight in the bag and adjust it to your liking :-)


My go-to backpack – great all-round for when you are on the move. It’s highly secure and has a stable system that moves with you as long as I have it adjusted to my liking. The overall frame of the bag is rather narrow instead of wide and bulky, which is great as I’m 5’1, have a short and small torso, and find most bags unsuitable. This backpack offers freedom to move my arms. It’s seen me through many of my journeys, and hopefully will through plenty more to come.

Women's Montane Trailblazer 24

Women's Montane Trailblazer 24
Women's Running Backpacks

Women's Montane Trailblazer 24

Women's Montane Trailblazer 24
Women's Running Backpacks

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