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Recommended for virtually anything – road running or gym, for longer or shorter distances, for winter and for summer. These are very versatile socks.

Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet Socks
Grey/Orange £12.00

Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet Socks
Purple/Grey/Pink £12.00


Marathon Fresh socks are treated with Polygiene, which has anti-odour properties, so they'll stay fresh longer than regular socks. The fabric is lightweight, stretchy and breathable. They dry fast when washed. Seamless construction makes them comfortable to wear reducing risk of blisters from friction.

They are cushioned in the heel, toes, Achilles and big toe joint areas giving your feet extra cushioning and protection while the upper is thin and breathable which helps ventilation. The mid section of the sock is elasticated keeping the sock nicely in place and giving your arch an extra bit of support.

Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet Socks
Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet Socks


  • Fit really well, and are very comfortable
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Secure around the arch and ankle
  • Padded heel, toes, Achilles and big-toe joint areas
  • Seamless under the toes
  • Good colour
  • Durable
  • Polygiene technology – keeps your feet fresh for longer


  • Polygiene (unfortunately) does not keep your feet fresh forever

In Testing

I find the fit excellent. The fabric is stretchy enough so that the socks fit your feet really well without being too tight. They are designed anatomically to fit the left and right foot specifically. There's enough room in the toe box so my toes don't feel squashed (and my toes sometimes cramp up when the socks are too tight) plus the inside is seamless, so there's less risk of getting blisters.

The elastic mid section and ankle section keep the socks in place. The arch elastic feels very comfortable, giving the arch an extra bit of support, the ankle one is wide so it doesn't dig into the skin. They're not the softest socks but they're still very comfortable, and they don't lose shape when you wash them. The fabric is breathable so your feet won't feel hot even in warmer weather.

The fit is really secure and they are comfortable to wear even for very long runs. They cushion your feet, keep them dry and comfortable. As for the anti-odour property – they do stay fresh longer than regular technical socks, but don't expect miracles. I've worn them for hours (basically a whole day of being outside and running on and off for 8-9 hours kind of events) and although they were still comfortable at the end of the day, obviously they did have to go to the washing machine!


At the moment these are some of my favourite running socks. I find the fit, padding, and length perfect. It's the kind of sock you can wear at any kind of event, so when I'm not sure which socks to wear (because I don't know what the weather will be like, or how long I'll be running etc), this is my first choice.

Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet Socks
Grey/Orange £12.00

Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet Socks
Purple/Grey/Pink £12.00

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