What fuels my running? Harmony. As soon as I take the first step I enjoy and relax, forgetting all the rest. I won't go running without my... watch, always ready to help to measure my pace and surpass myself little by little. I run and become... a happier person. My best ever running experience... Running barefoot in the sand at dawn. Feeling the breeze brushing over my face, listening to every wave breaking the seashore, and finally feeling the water refreshing my body, tired by the effort.

Best Budget Running Gear: 2024

Just starting out or limiting your spend? Here's the season’s best budget running clothing. Quality technical gear at lower prices.

Best High-Vis Running Gear: 2024

High visibility running gear can literally be a life-saver. We have so many more options than traditional fluoro vests! Check out this season's top picks.

Best Running Jackets: 2024

Highly technical, breathable fabrics make a running jacket an essential piece of kit for every runner. But which one is best for you? Here's your guide.

Best Running Gear: Summer 2023

The best summer running clothing & accessories: get yourself some excellent breathability, ultimate comfort & freedom of movement.

Injury Prevention for Marathon Runners

The last thing a runner wants is to be struck by an injury. Here are some guidelines.

Best Running Shorts: Spring 2024

Find your favourite running shorts this Spring. Loose, lycra or twin? With pockets or lightweight? Get your expert guide to the season's latest and best.

Review: Shokz OpenRun Headphones

Excellent headphones to use both for running and for any other activity that requires movement, such as pilates or yoga.

What to Wear for a Marathon or Half Marathon

Running a marathon or half marathon? Here's a simple checklist of the best running kit, so you can enjoy your race with confidence.

Review: Running Food Chia Charge Bar

A great snack before running, during a long run, or for recovery after a run.

Review: Hilly Marathon Fresh, Running Socks

Recommended for virtually anything – road running or gym, for longer or shorter distances, for winter and for summer.

Women's Balega Enduro No-Show Running Socks

Perfect amount of padding to protect you around the toes, the heel and Achilles, relieving part of the impact of your running

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