Compeed Blister Pads

Category: Running Blister Protection
Recommended for: skin suffering from small or medium-sized hotspots or blisters.


  • Compeed blister pads are applied simply, hygienically and effectively.
  • They can be applied to a hotspot, where the skin is sore from friction but has not yet formed into a blister, or they can be applied to a formed blister.
  • The pad stays in place even if you perspire or if you immerse the area in water.  It is designed to stay on for a few days.
  • The pads have both protective and healing properties.
  • Depending on the severity of the blister you can keep running or keep active.
  • The two different sizes of pads means you can apply them to hotspots or blisters of different sizes.


  • Compeed pads are a tried and tested formulation and I can see no disadvantage to them, only advantages.


Compeed Blister Pads can provide huge relief, should you become a victim to hotspots or blisters.  It is best to apply the pads before a blister has formed if you can.  Otherwise, apply the pad to a formed blister, without bursting the blister, and the pad will protect the area while the body reabsorbs the tissue fluid.  After a few days, when the pad starts to peel away at the edges, gently pull the pad off, lengthwise, and apply another pad if necessary.

Compeed served me well recently after I developed a hotspot on the sole of my foot, under my heel.  Protecting the area gave me confidence to continue the event I was participating in.  Much later, I developed an actual blister on my foot, and again I used Compeed to protect and soothe the area.
I have also used Compeed blister pads after trudging through snow in ill-fitting wellington boots!

If you are planning any long-distance event I would recommend making Compeed Blister Pads part of your kit.  They can help you go the extra mile.

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