Compeed Blister Pads

Category: Running Blister Protection
Recommended for: skin suffering from small or medium-sized hotspots or blisters.


  • Compeed blister pads are applied simply, hygienically and effectively.
  • They can be applied to a hotspot, where the skin is sore from friction but has not yet formed into a blister, or they can be applied to a formed blister.
  • The pad stays in place even if you perspire or if you immerse the area in water.  It is designed to stay on for a few days.
  • The pads have both protective and healing properties.
  • Depending on the severity of the blister you can keep running or keep active.
  • The two different sizes of pads means you can apply them to hotspots or blisters of different sizes.


  • Compeed pads are a tried and tested formulation and I can see no disadvantage to them, only advantages.


Compeed Blister Pads can provide huge relief, should you become a victim to hotspots or blisters.  It is best to apply the pads before a blister has formed if you can.  Otherwise, apply the pad to a formed blister, without bursting the blister, and the pad will protect the area while the body reabsorbs the tissue fluid.  After a few days, when the pad starts to peel away at the edges, gently pull the pad off, lengthwise, and apply another pad if necessary.

Compeed served me well recently after I developed a hotspot on the sole of my foot, under my heel.  Protecting the area gave me confidence to continue the event I was participating in.  Much later, I developed an actual blister on my foot, and again I used Compeed to protect and soothe the area.
I have also used Compeed blister pads after trudging through snow in ill-fitting wellington boots!

If you are planning any long-distance event I would recommend making Compeed Blister Pads part of your kit.  They can help you go the extra mile.

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  • RubinOctober 16, 2020 at 8:28am
    I was wondering if Compeed is good for a blister that is still intact and will I still be able to run with Compeed covering it. Iy says it can provide instant relief. Does it really? Please reply. Reply
    • Chitika WheelerOctober 18, 2020 at 2:09pm

      Hi Rubin,

      You can indeed apply Compeed to a blister which is still intact. The Compeed can provide instant relief because direct pressure on the sore skin is alleviated, the Compeed acting as a soft cushion. You can also continue to run once the Compeed has been applied.

      I would say some provisos are:

      • the blister should not be so large that the Compeed does not cover and protect it fully, but if it is, it would be best to allow the blister to heal somewhat before running again;
      • your running shoes should be a secure and snug fit so as to avoid any further friction – if the blister is at the back of the heel, try loop-lacing to give a more secure fit around the heel (useful video here);
      • your socks should not be loose, to avoid any material rubbing your skin - twin skin socks can be helpful;
      • it's also best to choose moisture-wicking socks as they can minimize risk of friction.

      If the blister is on the arch of the foot, it may be a sign of overpronation, in which case I would recommend visiting a specialist running shop where gait analysis is offered. It can be determined whether the current shoes are a match for the gait and/or whether the support for the arch area of the foot has broken down through use. Many running shoes are built with some form of anti-pronation, to prevent arches, which roll too far inward, from rubbing against the arch area of the shoes.

      Wishing you forever blister-free running! 

      More on blisters and running here »

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