Race Day Preparation
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Race Day Preparation

You’ve done all the training, planned your taper and are race ready. So, what are your plans for race day itself? A good race day plan, that takes into account the unpredictable – weather, late starts, etc. – will help you avoid pre-race anxiety and set you up with the best plan for achieving your goal.

Sometimes we hear runners lament ‘I did all the training but on the day things just didn’t go right’. So check out our advice on how to set yourself up for a great race experience.

Now print out this tick list and stick it on the fridge, that way you won't forget any essentials, and avoid pre-race stress!

Pre-race Energy Bar  
Pre-race Bottle of Water  
Old Sweater or Jacket  
Bin Liner (holes cut for head and arms)  
Gels (1 per half hour after first 40 mins)  
Post-race Bottle of Water with 1 Nuun tablet  
Protein Bar  

You don't need to worry about pins or water for during the race - the race will provide. Another tip is chose a race day bag that's not black and easily identifiable.

The wait time before the race is when nerves hit. A bit of anticipation-excitment isn't a bad thing, serves to kick start your adrenaline, but too much and it paralyses you. So, use the time to keep moving, walk around, don't start jogging or stretching until the last 20-30 mins or you'll be wasting precious energy reserves.

You may need to sip on water pre-race if you're waiting around a while, just don't over do it! If you end up stuck in a long toilet queue distract yourself with gentle limbering exercises - ankle rotations, shoulder circles, hip circles, gentle hamstring stretches. Or get chatting with others around you.

Most of all remember this is something that should give you joy, so enjoy the experience! This poem always cheers me up, no matter what's happened in a race:

There are only three winners:
The one who competes with himself,
The one who crosses the finish line first
And the one who finishes the race.
- Sri Chinmoy

Now, what's your race experience been? Get sharing and leave a comment below.

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All the best

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