The Ramsay Round
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The Ramsay Round

On Wednesday 29th January 2020 our Edinburgh store hosted an evening dedicated to the Ramsay Round, with Charlie Ramsay and Graham Nash. Their presentation answered the following questions:

  • What is the Ramsay Round?
  • What are the records for the Ramsay Round?
  • What are the guidelines or rules for a Ramsay Round attempt?
  • How do you define a Winter Ramsay round?
  • How to prepare for a Ramsay Round attempt?
  • How to enjoy the Ramsay Round circuit in your own way?

They also covered:

  • The origins and history of the Charlie Ramsay Round.
  • The training needed for a successful completion.
  • How it has evolved from an occasional brave soul attempting it to a record 36 known completions in 2019.
  • How anyone can enjoy The Round in small bite size chunks, or just leisurely trek it over 2/3 days.

Charlie Ramsay is something of a legend of the Scottish Mountains. His completion of 24 Munros in 24 hours in the summer of 1979 has entered Scottish and British hill running folklore and established the classic Scottish Mountain Round to rival Snowdonia’s Paddy Buckley and Lakeland’s Bob Graham circuits. He maintains the Ramsay Round website and still takes a close interest in all attempts at the round, often offering advice from his wealth of experience to would be runners.

Graham Nash currently has the most Ramsay Round completions with 5. He has completed The Round in both Summer and Winter conditions both supported and unsupported.  He has also been involved as a pacer/guide on several attempts including record attempts. 

A simple video was taken of the evening with the aim of giving people who couldn’t attend the opportunity to hear from Charlie himself on his chosen “specialist subject.” Graham has more recent experience of multiple completions. He talked about how to prepare oneself for this, and other unique challenges. It is fair to say they both have a huge understanding of the challenge involved.

The videos posted below will be an invaluable reference point for anyone with aspirations to challenge themselves, on the Ramsay Round or any of the numerous other classic mountain rounds, whatever the distance and total elevation.

They are also an enthralling watch and listen for anyone with a love of the mountains. The more you watch and listen the more you become aware that here are two people with a love and passion for the great outdoors, totally down to earth, comfortable and happy to share their experiences with others. The evening closed with an open question and answer session.

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