Travel Checklist for Runners
Travel Checklist for Runners

Summer offers us a great opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful runs during the whole year. Holiday runs are a perfect way to discover new places, meet local people or just balance calorie intake caused by consumption of heaps of delicious ice cream :-)

As holiday packing can be quite challenging, we've got a running travel checklist list ready for you, so that your only worry will be whether to do your beach run during sunrise or sunset...

Travel Light

These minimal / barefoot shoes won't take much space in your suitcase, and you can wear them as your casual shoes too.

Looking & Feeling Cool

You won't overheat in these summer running tops:

Women's Montane Snap Half Zip Tee
Blue £48.00

Short Nights, Long Days

Feel the freedom of movement and get some suntan on your legs in these running shorts:

Men's On Hybrid 7in Twin Shorts
Black £80.00

Women's Salomon Agile Running Skirt
Charcoal £28.00 £45.00

Feet So Fresh

Lightweight but cushioned in the right places, these are great running socks for your summer adventures.

Lemon Sole Shoe Spray

Sunrays Under Control

Don't let the sunshine burn your enthusiasm for running. Our running sunglasses and caps will help you to keep the sun's rays under control.

Reduce Heat Stress

If you sweat a lot during your exercise, or run in a hot environment, these electrolyte capsules are a must. To replace lost energy stores whilst training you may want to take some energy gels with you. For hot weather running, choose the ones with higher sodium levels, e.g. GU Salted watermelon containing 125 mg of sodium.

SaltStick Fastchews Tub
Lemon £15.00

Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel 30 Serving Pack
Neutral £21.00

Don't Leave Water Behind

When going out for a run on a hot day, you really want to make sure that you take some water with you. Our running hydration accessories will make a great companion for you.

High 5 Running Bottle 330ml

Wear It Your Way

Your versatile piece of a running kit: a running bra, a running top or swimwear.

Women's Brooks Rebound Racer Bra
Blue £29.00 £40.00

Women's Brooks Juno Bra
Black £41.00 £50.00

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