Best Petite Running Clothing for Women

Expert Advice on Running Clothing
Best Petite Running Clothing for Women

To all petite women out there…

Are you struggling to find running kit to fit a petite frame? Would you like to find running gear that fits you beautifully? It is not a secret that finding sports clothing is hard for us. You can end up a little fed-up at times. To try on more than 10 items and find that none feels like it should – tights too long, T-shirts too baggy, etc. – can be dispiriting. You can even end up abandoning the search or settling for something that doesn’t make you feel great.

As a 5ft runner and a size UK 4-6, I understand how it can be frustrating to find the perfect pair of running tights, etc. I have even taken sports clothing to a dressmaker to make alterations, and asked my patient mother to fix my clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I like being petite, but no one likes to be hitching up their tights every kilometre when running.

That's why I want to share with you my personal edit of running clothing. These pieces have made me feel better; I love them and I think you will too. So, let’s make this process easier and more satisfying, so that running is the only thing you have to concentrate on.

Shorts / Capris / Tights / T-Shirts / Lightweight Long Sleeves / Thermal Tops / Jackets / Accessories

Best Petite Running Shorts

Shop Women's Running Shorts

Women's Janji AFO Middle 3in Shorts
£55.00 £44.00

Women's Pressio BIO 3in Compression Shorts

Women's Brooks Run Visible Half Tights

Best Petite RUNNING Capris

Shop Women's Running Capris

Women's Adidas OTR 7/8 Tights
£55.00 £38.00

Women's Brooks Method Capris
£60.00 £44.00

Best Petite Running Tights

Shop Women's Running Tights

Women's Crewroom Winter Fuel Tights
£69.00 £55.00

Women's Pressio BIO High Rise Tights

Women's Brooks Run Visible Tights

Women's Odlo Zeroweight Print Reflective Tights

Women's Adidas How We Do Tights

Women's On Running Tights 2.0
£95.00 £80.00

Best Petite Runnning T-Shirts

Shop Women's Running T-Shirts

Women's Brooks Distance Graphic Tee
£30.00 £19.50

Women's Adidas OTR Cooler Tee
£33.00 £26.00

Best Lightweight Long Sleeve Running Tops

Shop Women's Long Sleeve Running Tops

Women's Odlo Blackcomb Baselayer
£70.00 £50.00

Women's Brooks Run Visible Half Zip Top

Women's Ronhill Tech Afterhours Top
£43.00 £30.00

Best PETITE Thermal Running Tops

Shop Women's Thermal Running Tops

Women's Adidas OTR Top
£45.00 £36.00

Women's Janji Revo Rover Pullover
£100.00 £65.00

Women's Ronhill Tech Afterhours Half Zip Top
£60.00 £50.00

Best Petite Running Jackets

Shop Women's Running Jackets

Women's Montane Featherlite Trail Jacket
£70.00 £46.00

Women's Ronhill Tech Fortify Jacket
£150.00 £105.00

Women's OMM Kamleika Jacket
£190.00 £139.00

Women's Brooks Run Visible Convertible Jacket

Women's Ronhill Tech Hyperchill Jacket
£100.00 £60.00

Women's Ronhill Tech Afterhours Jacket
£85.00 £68.00

Women's Odlo Essential Light Print Jacket

Women's OMM Kamleika Jacket
£190.00 £139.00

Running Accessories

Best Petite Running Accessories

Shop Running Accessories

Odlo Ceramiwarm Light Running Gloves

Ronhill Afterhours Headband

Shokz OpenRun Headphones

Coros Pace 2 Premium GPS Sport Watch

Women's Hilly Active Minimum Cushioning Socklet Socks

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