Run Commuting: Tips on Running to Work

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Run Commuting: Tips on Running to Work

One of the great time savers especially if you are doing a lot of training is to 'run commute' back and forth to work. Here are some tips to get you started and make sure your stuff is in the correct place.

Running home from work

If you are totally new to run-commuting this is definitely the one to try first. You can check out possible routes without the danger of being late for work. Remember your running route could well be totally different from your car/bus route. If it is too far for you to run the entire distance then just combine it with public transport.

Check and see if you can find a cycle path or route along a canal or river for at least part of your run. This will make your journey so much more enjoyable, as well as healthier. Of course as the evenings get darker one has to be careful, and it may well be safer to avoid routes off the beaten track. I often run through ‘nice’ residential areas on dark winter evenings on my run home. I feel safe and there is generally not much traffic pollution.

All you need to bring into work are your running things, which also keeps things simple. The trick is to run home with as little as possible. Leave work shoes and any jackets/suits or heavier items at work. Work out how many days a week you want to run and make sure you don't end up with all your warm coats at work by the end of the week!

Where possible leave at work:

larger clothing items
work shoes

If you are running home from work every day you will probably have to run with your jacket in your rucksack a couple of days. Run with the lighter jacket in your bag or run a slightly shorter route if your bag feels heavy.

Finding a good running backpack is absolutely key to an enjoyable run-commute. Check out our bags,  if possible come into one of our shops and try them on. A bag with a sternum strap and/or waist strap is vital. For closer look at all the options, see Best Running Backpacks for Commuting.

Running into work

Once you have worked out your route and you are confident you won’t get lost(!) it is time to try running into work. Many offices and workplaces have a shower. If this isn’t the case there might be a swimming pool close by where you can use just the shower.

One does need to be a little more organised when running into work. I generally plan how many days in the week I want to run in. Then I bring in my work clothes for each of those days on Monday morning. This way, unless you have forgotten something, you don’t need to lug too much around with you on your way in. I always try and run carrying as few extra belongings as possible.

If you want to run in with your lunch, I’ve found freezing a portion of soup or stew means the food and everything else in your bag is safe and secure.

Good luck and enjoy exploring new routes in your city as you run to and from work.

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