Core Workout for Runners with The Grid Foam Roller
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Core Workout for Runners with The Grid Foam Roller

Most of us know how to use a foam roller. Indeed it's a great way to relax your muscles and massage your entire body. But did you know it’s also a great exercise companion? Join our GRID core workout to intensify your training routine. Get creative and have fun with this video!

Trigger Point: The Grid

We love The Grid - for the price of one sports massage your muscles can gain a daily benefit! It's a revolutionary type of foam roller which is great for either self-massage and warming up, or to strengthen your core. Unlike foam rollers, these Grids never lose their shape, so they make a great investment.

Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roller
Orange £40.00

Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roller
Black £40.00

Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roller
Pink £40.00

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