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On Cloud X


Lightweight Running Shoes


Average Weight: Men's 230g / Women's 195g
Offset: 6mm

For anyone who has a neutral foot-strike, and likes lightweight shoes for running and cross training.

Men's On Cloud X
Black/Grey £130.00

Women's On Cloud X
Black/Pearl £130.00


  • Reinforced mesh is more durable and features function-focused pattern
  • Elastic performance laces for a fast step-in
  • Integrated tongue and sock lining for perfect fit
  • High visibility details
  • Extra loops for additional ankle-support lacing 
  • Explosive Speedboard™ turns soft landing into powerful take-off
  • CloudTec™ elements to cushion your stride
  • Deep flex grooves provide a natural range of motion and flexibility
  • Helion™ Superfoam to deliver additional soft comfort
  • Traction patterns on the outsole to hold on hard surfaces
On Women's Cloud X Sole
Women's On Cloud X


  • Extremely lightweight and very flexible
  • Improved shape of the central channel to reduce the risk of picking up stones or gravel as you go along
  • Improved upper mesh for more durability
  • Smart looking so you can wear even with your casual smart clothes!


  • Cushioned but very flexible shoe, so you'll probably find them very comfortable even though you might need more support for running. In this case we advise to have a look at the range of more supportive On shoes we have in our range!

In Testing

I’m probably not the only runner who’s not just running. I cycle, train at the gym, walk a lot – and all of it must be done in a very comfortable pair of shoes. The new On Cloud X are versatile shoes you can not only run in but also use for exercises – thanks to denser clouds, allowing you to move in all directions.

The zero-gravity foam is a new technology for dynamic cushioning – it works when you move. Basically, the only two things that work here are gravity and your body weight. Each cloud (empty inside) adjusts to your running gait and adjusts individually to give the exact amount of cushioning you personally need. That’s why you should run in them before you buy them – you won’t feel it while you’re standing.

Super lightweight minimal shoes, but very cushioned, which is quite hard to find on the market. Especially if you want to stick to a low drop (in this case 6 mm). 

18 cloud elements give you amazing cushioning, but because of the deep flex grooves between them, they move independently of each other. The shoes overall are really flexible and responsive thanks to a speedboard in the middle.

The first thing you can notice is the weight. It’s hardly noticeable that you have something in your hand (or on your feet). Incredibly lightweight shoes, but super cushioned at the same time (even if it doesn’t look like it). They are soft when you land, and give you a firm kick-off from the toes for forward motion.

When you run, you can feel that On shoes are “different” compared to regular trainers with static cushioning. But different doesn’t mean worse. It’s just different. If you like this sensation (most likely you will), don’t hold back just because it’s something new for you. Go for it!

Because of all those amazing features, you can feel in the very first few weeks that the muscles in your legs are working a bit harder than usual. Don’t buy them just before your race day. Give yourself time to adapt and allow your body to adjust to the slightly bigger range of motion they’ll get. But trust me, it’s worth it.


If I had to choose only one pair of shoes for everything (walking, running, exercising, racing) – it would be the Cloud X. They also look absolutely stunning and smart, I literally wear them with my summer dresses. Super light, breathable, flexible and so comfortable you can’t even notice them on your feet. Absolutely MUST have.

Women's On Cloud X
Black/Pearl £130.00

Men's On Cloud X
Black/Grey £130.00

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