2012 Olympics: Day 15

Events watched: Evening Athletics

Performance of the Day

Well you will have read about the Jamaica 4x100 relay team running sub 37 secs to take the Gold which was absolutely breathtaking. However I was taken by another victory. Athletes from the Carribean Islands (except Cuba) are not expected to win Olympic Gold medals in throwing events. There prowess is in sprints and jumps. So to see Keshorn Walcott from Trinidad and Tobago absolutely "nail one" in the early rounds and set a new National record, indeed raised a few eyebrows. Ok..he had won Gold at the World Junior championships recently ,but surely one of the more experienced guys who on 2012 rankings had thrown much further would respond in the later rounds? As the rounds progressed, Walcott was still in the lead and although the Ukrainian Pyatnytsya came within 7 centimetres, no one else could drag that big gold medal performance out of themselves. Surely a 19 year old from the Carribean winning Javelin Gold was not on most pundits "Tick list for gold" at the start of the games. It was almost surreal and if anyone at these games can be said to have "seized the moment "it is young Keshorn Walcott".

British Performance of the Day

No contest. MO MO MO. You will have read all about it; seen it; seen it replayed many times. Yes it really did happen and it was another sheer moment of joy, not just for the British, but for all the stadium. The crescendo of noise as the race progressed to that final breathtaking last lap; and at the finish, grown men and women, tears in their eyes, jumping up and down and hugging each other. One assumed they all knew each other but for those few seconds in time, it probably didn't matter; sights and sounds of which we may never see or hear again at an athletics meet in the UK.

Loudest Moment

See Mo above although the moment the whole stadium realised that the Jamaican 4 x 100 metre relay team had smashed the world record came a close second.

Most Interesting Volunteer Job

Three young guys each session have had the time of their lives being in remote control of the little blue red and white mini cars that help transport the Hammers/Javelins and Discus back to the competitors area. Totally cool. Well at the end of tonight's session, about the time Mo and Ussian were exchanging Mo-Bots and Lightening bolts on the podium. The 3 mini cars were lined up at the finish of the 100metre straight and their "controllers" all set to have a remote controlled 100 metre Mini race as soon as the officials weren't looking! Like Keshorn Walcott with his javelin throw they too seized their own moment in time!

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