2012 Olympics: Day 13

Events watched: Morning Athletics & Evening Athletics

Performance of Day

David Rudisha - Quite probably this is the performance of the Games. To run a world record in a non sprint event at the Olympics is seriously impressive! Not many athletes would be that brave and it was just astonishing to watch him from up in the stands really go for it in the 800m and show his full talent. It was a very special performance and a privilege to be in the stadium to applaud him. It will be remembered for a long long time to come.

British Performance of Day

Andrew Osage - A brilliant PB in the 800m, which placed him 4th on the UK all time list behind Coe, Cram and Elliott - very good company! He received a huge ear splitting cheer on the start line - even louder than Rudisha such is the support for Team GB! Even though he was at the back of the field it was clear very soon why - this was the fastest 800m race ever. When the results came up on the score board everyone except Kaki had ran their fastest time - and the stadium was on their feet cheering every single one of them.

Most Inspiring Performance

The Decathletes - Led by Ashton Eaton every one of these guys are simply amazing! It's always such a fun event to be in the stadium to follow as you can really get into the whole competition and get to know the competitors much better than when you watch on TV. The pole vault was a treat for the afternoon as it started at 1pm which is normally when the morning session finishes. Nothing else was happening in the stadium except the two pole vault decathlon groups and over half of the stadium stayed to cheer these guys. When does the decathlon pole vault ever get that much attention? They deserve it though and I hope they had as much fun as we did! Also saw a 1st in 'synchronised pole vault'. As the 2 runways are side by side, and the 2 groups competing at the same time, you sometimes got both competitors going at the same time. Quite an impressive sight! Towards the end of the competition when the heights were getting challenging, there was a great moment when this happened. Both athletes cleared their bar at the same time and both jumped up delighted at the same time!

Most Exciting Volunteer Job

Tonight it's got to be the girl looking after Usain Bolt's kit basket! These Games Makers have one of the best jobs as it is carrying off the athletes kit once they come out onto the track, but imagine tonight you have to stay 'in character' with Usain Bolt joking around with you?

Loudest Moment (and most camera flashes)

Usain Bolt! David Rudisha did deservedly get a lot of noise, but for Usain it's a different kind of noise. The guy is a super star, and the crowd give him that reception. It's not just a clap and cheer loudly as there's a super talented amazing athlete on the track in front of you kind of reaction. For Bolt you get that clapping and cheering but you also feel the crowd pick up on his playful joking character. There's an extra ingredient of excitement as there's a high chance you are about to witness history, and that he can do that while being so relaxed is why the crowd love him! Lost count of the number of 'Bolt Arms' we saw being made on the way out of the stadium that night! The favourite picture seemed to be to get the policemen or volunteer's to line up and do 'The Bolt' - the guy has definitely livened up athletics!

Sweet Olympic Champion Moment

Barbara Spotakova winning the women's Javelin. She is coached by the great Jan Zelezney a former Olympic Champion so to see her win and the two of them celebrate afterwards was a sweet sight of the Games.

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