2012 Olympics: Day 11

Events watched: Morning, Men's Triathlon

Performance of Day

This has to go to the crowds in Hyde park who came out to support - I have never seen anything like it! The really amazing part of the crowd is that many of the people who came out to watch won't have seen a thing, but it didn't deter them from staying to cheer and clap and wave flags! Plus side is that there's 8 laps of biking and 4 of running, so there's always the next lap to hope you'll get a better glimpse of them whizzing past!! We tried to catch a spot to see the women's race on Saturday, but turning up as the gun went was useless and the barriers were all 10 deep already and - ridiculous as this may sound - we didn't even see the triathletes running past 20 meters in front of us. So really wanting to see the men's race we thought turning up 2 hours early should get is a decent spot? Well kind of! We got no where near the finish stands and were still about 4 rows back but thankfully gained a view by being on a step. By the time the race had started there were hoards behind us, you turned around and all you saw was people - 20, 30 deep - who knows? It could have been more.... Just staggering that so many came out to watch. Fantastic for triathlon!

British Performance of Day

Alistair Brownlee - he IS the best in the world at Olympic distance without question so it was exciting and wonderful to see him perform under the expectation and become a very well deserved Olympic champion!

Most Inspiring Performance

Jonathon Brownlee - Jonathon's place on the podium was expected too, however as if winning an Olympic medal isn't hard enough Jonny had to deal with the extra challenge of an annoying 15 second time penalty! The Brownlee brothers are amazing runners though so he was able to build up a gap to place him in bronze before stepping into the penalty box. That he can stop for 15 seconds and still win bronze is quite impressive and shows the talent of the guy!

Most Exciting Volunteer Job

Didn't see so many volunteers or officials today because of the crowds! There were a couple of guys out on a kayak which looked fun, but as it was such a rare thing to have a decent view of the race I'd hand it to any one that had a course side job of any sort and could see what was going on.

Loudest Moment

Alistair understandably had the crowd making some noise, but loudest I'd say went to Jonny Brownlee! With the drama of his time penalty he was getting a louder and louder cheer of encouragement as he came past us on the run. By his fourth and final lap the crowd broke into a 'Jonny' chant as he ran towards the finish line. The guy ran his heart out to join his brother on the podium. A lovely Olympic Dream moment.

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