2012 Olympics: Day 10

Events watched: Morning, Men's Triathlon

Performance of Day

Difficult one today with the mens 400metres and 400metres hurdles having great performances in the limelight of the track. Being in the Stadium you actually are able to follow the progress of the field events far better than on TV, where, for whatever reason, they are only usually able to showcase the best performances. The field events for me were the women’s shot put won by Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus. It was really inspiring for its sheer consistency. She not only won the event from the defending champion and favourite Val Adams of New Zealand, but was the only thrower to reach 21 metres which she did with four of her six puts.

UPDATE: we wrote about what we witnessed on the day but Nadzeya Ostapchuk has subsequently failed a doping test and been stripped of her title. The 2008 champion Val Adams of New Zealand has been promoted to the gold medal position and thus has the distinction of retaining her title and being a double Olympic champion.

British Performance of Day

Lawrence Okaye in the discus qualifying round. Having struggled with his first two throws, the pressure was on with his last throw to qualify for the final. I doubt if any morning discus qualifying competitions anywhere will have had a full 80,000 stadium to cheer you on, but Lawrence totally “nailed” his third throw to qualify fourth best throw for the final and the noise of 80,000 folk was truly deafening.

Most Exciting Volunteer Job

There is a squad of folk who have to set up and take down the hurdles for each event. This is done to perfection with a routine that almost seems choreographed and timed to perfection. Not a word seems to be uttered but the little teams of “hurdle placers”, led by a wee buggy and trailer seem to march in unison and immaculately lift the hurdles from the trailer, place each set of hurdles in unison, before marching on to the next spot. Then after the race they do the whole thing in reverse order.

Loudest Moment

As the 100metre final was the last event on Sunday night, the medal ceremony was held over. So the cheer Usain Bolt received when he came onto the podium for his medal was pretty sensational.

Interesting Olympic Park Feature

With time to chill between the morning and evening sessions there was time to enjoy the wild flower gardens tucked beneath the main pedestrian thoroughfares. Alongside the water areas are a network of smaller paths that are lined with a whole colourful array of flowers reeds and bushes.

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