Saucony Triumph 17
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Saucony Triumph 17


Neutral Road Running Shoes


Average Weight: Women's 261g / Men's 305g
Heel-Toe Drop: 8mm (33.5/25.5)

A fantastic road running shoe for those looking for a smooth ride, a soft feel, and balance in their running gait. Also a great option for those returning to running after an injury.

Men's Saucony Triumph 17
Blue/Black £107.00 £140.00

Women's Saucony Triumph 17
Blue/Aqua £107.00 £140.00


  • Upper: The FORMFIT upper wraps the foot from heel to midfoot, cradling it in a secure way but without restriction on the width. The toe box is nice and deep, so there’s less of a risk of black toenails or blisters on long runs or in the heat of summer. The uppers feel nicely padded whilst maintaining breathability.
  • Midsole: The PWRRUN+ cushioning is plush! It’s also more flexible and lighter than standard EVA (the common cushioning material used for years in running shoes) plus it’s durable, so the shoes don’t start out soft and collapse to a firmer feel within the first few months. The perfect flexibility of the midsole ensures that you have a smooth running stride.
  • Outersole: A hard-wearing rubber compound is used on the heel and toe-off areas where you need tough durability. The rest of the outer sole is made from a more responsive rubber, giving a smoother and softer feel.
Men's Saucony Triumph 17
Women's Saucony Triumph 17


  • For the amount of cushioning provided this is fairly light
  • Holds your ankles really well and thereby supports your gait
  • Has a great fit on the uppers, which will adapt to different foot types and widths
  • Lush cushioning whilst maintaining the Saucony springiness
  • IMO the most naturally supportive ‘neutral’ road running shoe currently on the market
  • All the protection you need, no matter how many miles/hours you’re running for
  • Ideal for anyone who’s had/has a foot injury, as it’s so supportive, cushioned and has a plush upper


  • Won’t suit anyone who’s used to a firmer feel underfoot
  • Not ideal for tempo running or speed sessions as the cushioning is soft – the energy return is there but you still pad into the cushioning a bit

In Testing

Saucony has been my go-to brand for distance running for years, but I’ve never been convinced by the Triumph. That changed when my colleague, Petra, recommended that I give version 17 a go. My first sensation was plush comfort but without feeling the weight of the shoe on my foot. What really blew me away was the way the uppers supported my feet whilst giving them all the freedom they demand over longer runs.

I developed some tendon issues down the sides of both feet during summer training for an Ultra. I instantly knew I’d never have that problem with the Triumph as the heel counter is genius – supportive without digging in, and managing to guide the foot from heel-strike to toe-off. The additional foot support coming from the FORMFIT midfoot cradle kept my feet in just the right position, without locking them down or restricting the width. I also love the depth of the toe box – nicely generous, which is so helpful when you’re running long enough for your feet to swell a bit.


The Triumph 17 is a really fantastic upgrade on previous versions. It will work for those looking to protect their muscles and tendons from fatigue brought on by long mileage. It will work equally well for those getting back into running after a break / injury, and will also offer extra protection when you’ve got an injury but (physiotherapist allowing) are still able to do some training and want maximum protection.

It falls into the Neutral Running Shoe category and it is a shoe for those with a neutral gait. However, the heel counter is so well designed, along with the cradle of the uppers and the way the shoe flexes through the stride, that it actually offers natural support. If you flick inwards a bit (rather than full-on over-pronate) this shoe will support you just fine.

Men's Saucony Triumph 17
Blackout £107.00 £140.00

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