Choosing Running Nutrition

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Choosing Running Nutrition

Nutrition is an essential part of every runner's training. A popular choice for many distance runners is a high carbohydrate content in energy drinks, energy gels or chews.

These products are designed for easy and quick on-the-go consumption, both in packaging and digestion. We only stock high quality nutrition that provides the body with slow release energy throughout exercise. High carb nutrition is also good for carbo-loading before a race. For recovery we have a range of bars and drinks with higher protein content.

Energy Bars & Protein Bars

Energy bars fall into two basic categories: carbohydrate loading energy and protein based recovery. Protein packed bars are perfect for post race/run, offering a handy way to get much needed nutrients back into your body, ideally within 20 mins of exercise, and kick start recovery. Carb bars (generally called energy bars) are lighter on the stomach and work well as a pre-race/run snack – ideal if you have to travel to a race – or an energy supplement during a long run, especially good for day-long adventure races.

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Maurten Solid 225

Running Food Chia Charge Bar

Clif Bar Energy Bar

Clif Bar Nut Butter Filled

Clif Bar Energy Bar

Running Food Chia Charge Bar

Energy Chews

If you can’t stomach gels but need good quality energy release supplements for your longer runs (anything over an hour) then chews make a tasty alternative. SaltStick fastchews dissolve quickest, all taste nice and give decent quality carbs. Generally you need to take more frequently than gels – one gel equates to 2/3 chews. Remember you still need to hydrate, take a couple of swigs of water after each chew.

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Lucho Dillitos Guava Paste

SaltStick Fastchews

SaltStick Fastchews Tub

Sport Beans

Sport Beans

Energy & Recovery Drinks

A popular choice for many distance runners is a high carbohydrate content energy drink. If you run with a water bottle or reservoir then you can pre-mix your energy drinks instead of carrying gels. We only stock high quality nutrition that provides the body with slow release energy throughout exercise. You can also use the high carbohydrate drinks for carbo-loading before a race. For recovery you need drinks with higher protein content – like SIS Rego. Lastly you’ll find hydration tablets, these dissolve much like Vitamin C tabs and provide instant hydration which digests faster than water and replenishes minerals too.

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Maurten Drink Mix 320 Caf 100 Sachets

Endurance Fuel 50 Serving Pack

Active Root Single Sachet (1 x 35g)

Elete Electrolyte Add-In 25ml

Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild Recovery Sachet

Gu Hydration Drink Tabs


The most efficient way of carrying and absorbing energy giving nutrition. They vary in taste and texture (High 5 are the most liquid, SIS and High 5 Iso don’t require water intake at the same time). Some have caffeine for an extra kick of energy – the lower your daily caffeine intake the more noticeable the kick – which also slightly expands blood capillaries, delivering a bit more to your muscles. You need to take a few mouthfuls of water before or after a gel, to aid digestion and keep yourself properly hydrated. What’s the best gel? Maurten could lay claim; it is easier to digest thanks to the seaweed extract but also it works harder for you than any other, but you'll notice it most on really tough runs/races.

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SIS Go + Caffeine Gel

Energy Gel Guarana

Maurten Gel 100

Energy Gel

High 5 Energy Gel Aqua

Lucozade Sport Dual-Fuel Energy Gel

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