Brooks Cascadia 16, Trail Running Shoes

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Brooks Cascadia 16, Trail Running Shoes


Trail Running Shoes


Average Weight: Men's 298g / Women's 269g
Offset: 8mm

This legendary shoe comes back in the newest 16th edition, immediately conquering trail runners' hearts and feet. Doesn't matter if you've been a fan of the Cascadia since the beginning or if you're a trail running newbie – this version will make your adventures even more comfortable, lighter and softer thanks to amazing updates. Let's go!

Men's Brooks Cascadia 16
£96.00 £120.00

Women's Brooks Cascadia 16
£96.00 £120.00



  • Improved seamless and breathable upper (partly recycled!)
  • Gusset tongue keeps debris out
  • Lace keeper loop
  • Gaiter attachment


  • Extra 2mm of soft and lightweight DNA LOFT v2 foam 
  • Upgraded, even more flexible Ballistic Rock Shield 
  • Drainage ports for quick water escape


  • TrailTack rubber outsole provides excellent traction
  • More release grooves for extra adaptability
Men's Brooks Cascadia 16
Women's Brooks Cascadia 16


  • You can immediately feel how lightweight this shoe is
  • Much softer than the previous version
  • More space in the toe box – great for longer distance
  • Very grippy and stable on downhill muddy sections
  • Thanks to nice cushioning, it’s a great shoe for walking/hiking too.
  • Partly recycled – I love that direction for Brooks!
  • Brooks make it in the Gore-Tex waterproof version to protect the feet in the wet weather
  • For those runners with broad feet it is also available in the wide fitting


  • Give it some time before long distance running/walking for the material to soften and relax around your foot. After a week or two the shoes become much more comfortable and seamless. 

In Testing

I have had previous versions of the Cascadia in the past 7 years of my running career and hands down this one is the most comfortable. As soon as you put them on, they fit like a glove, supporting the ankle but giving enough space for your toes to be happy and relaxed (especially for longer runs).

The cushioning is just exceptional. That extra 2mm of DNA LOFT v2 foam added to the midsole makes so much difference! Running downhill the shoes feel like marshmallows now, but still feel responsive and springy. 

I love the grip in Cascadia 16. It doesn’t look very aggressive, but it actually provides fantastic stability on a muddy trail or pebbles. However, I run on asphalt for a while to get to the woods and it still feels soft and comfy! If you’re looking for a mixed-terrain shoe, you won’t be disappointed. 

And last but not least – durability. It’s been a few months running in literally every possible condition and terrain and the shoes are still top notch. The grip is there, the upper is there – no holes, no tears. If you love running in rough terrain as much as I do, you know how annoying it is to see your beloved friends getting destroyed after only a few runs… well done Brooks!


Great mixed-terrain shoe for all surfaces. Soft, cushioned and with fantastic grip. Now even lighter, you won't be disappointed with Cascadia 16. Partially recycled fabric makes it even more attractive. Must have!

Men's Brooks Cascadia 16
£96.00 £120.00

Men's Brooks Cascadia 16 2E

Men's Brooks Cascadia 16 GTX

Women's Brooks Cascadia 16
£96.00 £120.00

Women's Brooks Cascadia 16 D

Women's Brooks Cascadia 16 GTX

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