The Best Eco‑Friendly Running Clothing 2020
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The Best Eco‑Friendly Running Clothing 2020

Twice a year we carefully choose the clothing range for our stores. We want you to fall in love with the products we love ourselves. It’s not only about the colour, or cut, or the lightness of the fabric – although we love all of that too! – we also care how each product has been made.

We ask the same questions as you:
What’s the environmental impact of this jacket's production? How much water is needed for this T-shirt to be produced? What’s the carbon footprint of having these shorts on our hanger? Is this top made in a safe workplace, and in a socially responsible way? Is this material long-lasting?

Eco-friendly running brands

We’ve selected the newest Spring 2020 apparel that has fully transparent production, made with care for the natural environment and with fair working practices. (At the end of this article you can find links to the transparency of all the featured companies).

Let’s choose our running gear by choosing positive change for the planet!

VestsT-ShirtsLong SleevesShortsUnderwear

Running Vests

Lighter than air, cooling and chafe-free options for warmer days.

Shop Eco Running Vests

On Running Vest

Women's Helly Hansen Active Solen Singlet
Blue £25.00

Excellent moisture management, to keep you feeling dry in the heat.

Women's Odlo Lou Tank
Green £40.00

Crafted in a fast-drying Tencel polyester blend, offering superb breathability and moisture management.

Women's Odlo Ethel Tank
Green £30.00

Innovative satin-feel fabric from naturally derived Tencel. A casual singlet with premium stretch fit & soft feel.

Men's Odlo Zeroweight Ceramicool Tank
Black £35.00

This lightweight tank is designed to make sure you stay cool and comfy.

Men's Odlo Zeroweight Ceramicool Tank
Blue £35.00

Actively cools your skin, plus integrated mesh to let heat escape from your back.

Running T-Shirts

A must-have for runners, a good running tee is a technical piece that keeps you dry and fresh in any distance and any weather.

Shop Eco Running T-Shirts

Running T-shirts

Women's On Active Flow Tee
Pebble £60.00

This Active-T Flow has a temperature-balancing fabric blend that’s ideal before, during or after your workout.

Women's Odlo Ethel Tee
Coral £40.00

Made using an intelligent blend of soft-to-touch, stretchable fabrics that sit comfortably on your skin.

Women's Helly Hansen Verglas Tee
Grey £30.00

Bluesign® approved fabric gives 100% guarantee of the highest environmental standards.

Men's Brooks Stealth Tee
Black £32.50

This tee is made to dry fast, so you can go fast. Constructed for durability and unrestricted movement.

Men's Icebreaker Amplify Tee
Blue £65.00

Ultralight merino wool for training in warm to hot conditions. Soft comfort with unparalleled ventilation.

Men's Odlo Seamless Element Tee
Grey £30.00

With this clever body-mapping technology, you’ll never have to experience chafing seams again.

Long Sleeve Running Tops

Fancy an early morning or late evening run? A breathable and lightweight long-sleeved top is the best option, to give you a bit of protection from the elements but without overheating.

Shop Eco Long-Sleeve Running Tops

Women's Helly Hansen Active Solen Top
Peach £32.00 £40.00

With excellent moisture management properties, the this top is designed to keep you feeling dry.

Women's On Running Top
Dark Blue £70.00

The adaptive quality of the fabric makes it ideal for interval training, long runs or when you don't know if the weather is on your side.

Women's Odlo Seamless Element Top
Grey £35.00

This running top seamlessly integrates body mapped functional zones to ensure the best moisture management and breathability.

Men's Helly Hansen Active Solen Top
White £40.00

Feel dry on those hot summer days. Stay protected against the sun with UPF 50+.

Men's Odlo Seamless Element Top
Blue £35.00

This new Element top from Odlo is engineered with seamless bodymapping technology.

Men's On Running Top
Green £70.00

This top is designed to balance warmth with breathability and to keep your temperature in the comfort zone.

Running Shorts

The variety of running shorts is incredible so go for what suits you best. Racing in hot weather? Choose 2in split racing shorts. Going for a longer run and need some pockets? 5in or 7in loose shorts would be great. Want to avoid chafing between thighs? 2-in-1 twin shorts will save your skin (literally). Enjoy!

Shop Eco Running Shorts

Women's Running Shorts

Women's Odlo Smooth Soft Half Tights
Black £32.00

Extremely comfortable and fit just like a second skin, so no more worries about chafing.

Women's Brooks Rep 3in Twin Shorts
Grey/Black £33.00

2-in-1 design combines breathable knit shorts with a sweat-wicking, quick-drying liner.

Women's On Running Twin Shorts
Navy/Purple £65.00

An ultralight, fast-drying woven fabric meets a highly comfortable waistband.

Men's On Waterproof Overlayer Shorts
Grey £150.00

3-layer breathable membrane. Longer cut for ultimate stay-dry comfort.

Men's Odlo Zeroweight Ceramicool Pro Twin Shorts
Black £55.00

Ceramicool technology dissipates heat, actively cooling the skin by up to 1°C.

Men's Brooks Cascadia 7in Twin Shorts
Black £45.00

Lightweight, stretch-woven fabric. Internal mesh boxer brief and stretch drawcord.
Men's Running Shorts

Running Underwear

Out of sight, out of mind…? Not this time! If other running gear should be technical and breathable, so should your underwear. For longer distances it's an absolute must. Chafe-free, antibacterial underwear and high-support bras can seriously change your running life.

Shop Eco Running Underwear

Women's Brooks Dare Zip C/D Bra
Navy £55.00

This bra has an inner J-hook making it easy to put on and take off — no more post-workout struggle.

Women's Odlo Performance Briefs
Black £22.00

Seamless for extra comfort all summer long, these briefs are made from extra lightweight fabric.

Women's Wuka Period Pants Heavy
Black £25.00

Combining a hi-tech absorbent layer and anti-bacterial properties, in eco-friendly fabrics.

Men's Icebreaker Anatomica Cool Lite Trunks
Navy £35.00

Merino is super lightweight, soft, non-itchy, non-clammy, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, plus odour-resistant.

Men's Odlo Everyday Eco 2 Pack Bottom Boxers
Black/Blue £35.00

Crafted from 82% recycled polyester – offering fast-drying qualities and an improved carbon footprint.

Men's Odlo Natural Light Boxers
Black £30.00

50% Virgin Merino wool, these lightweight boxers offer natural odour-fighting effects and natural body temperature control.

Transparency of these Eco-Friendly Running Brands:

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