How to Treat IT Band Pain
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How to Treat IT Band Pain

IT Band pain or Illiotibial Band Syndrome is a very common running injury. It can be a precursor to knee pain and you will be more acutely aware of it when running downhill. The feeling of tightness running down from hip to knee can be so dramatic that it pulls your stride up short. 

To fully recover from IT band injury you need to concentrate on three aspects. Firstly rest and ice, secondly stretch and massage, thirdly strengthening and addressing the root cause of the problem.

In my video I cover easy and effective self-massage and stretching that will bring immediate ease to the area.

The third part of treatment is the trickiest; establishing what’s caused your IT Band to get into trouble in the first place. There is plenty of research to show that core muscle weakness, especially weak glutes, puts more of a strain on the IT band as the hips are not as stable as they could be. 

Goska has some great – and quick – glute strengthening exercises; so do check out her video

If symptoms persist, visit a good physio. It’s also a great idea to see how you could improve your running gait and posture – Running Technique Coaches are excellent; we recommend Balavan Thomas and Matt Holland.

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