The London Podiatry Centre

3 Courthill Road
London SE13 6DN

020 8297 9631


The Centre is in Lewisham, headed up by Ron McCulloch. We have been recommending customers to Ron and his Centre for years, and quite simply it's the best! As their website states: The London Podiatry Centre provides the most clinically-advanced care to patients seeking conservative treatment or foot surgery for foot-related sports injuries, biomechanical problems, foot abnormalities and painful ailments such as bunions and hammer toes.

Ron is very highly regarded within his field, he teaches in the NHS, and consults with footwear designers. Everyone who works at the Centre is highly qualified, competent, and professional, and the Centre caters for all foot related problems. Simply put we consider Ron to be brilliant, and his Podiatry Centre to be brilliant. The website is full of information and a good reflection of the practice.

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