The Seeker – Why We Run


Monday 17th October 2016

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN


Run and Become and Saucony present an evening of running inspiration: inspirational talk, practical tips on good running performance, group run, shoe try-on & wear test.

Inspirational Talk – From the viewpoint of The Seeker, the individual whose search for happiness in life is directly connected through his love of running, this event will look at both inner and outer runner. Nick Anderson, a great runner but also a coach at the highest level for the last 20 years, will share his own running story, why he continues to run and how after so many years the joy of running continues enrich his life.

Practical Tips – Nick will also share some practical running tips on running posture, injury prevention, nutrition and personalised training programs.

Shoe Try On and Wear Test – for the NEW Ride 9 and Omni 15. Saucony will provide them in all sizes.

Group Run – Nick will take everyone out for a group run, between 3-5K, through the local area in Belgravia and St James’s Park.


About Nick Anderson

Nick is the Saucony GB coach and has been coaching at the highest level for just over 20 years. He is 45 and started running 35 years ago inspired but he likes of Coe, Cram and Ovett back in 1980. Nick has seen and been a part of the running revolution and for the last 20 years has helped all runners from beginner to elite to faster, stronger and enjoy their running journey. He is a qualified PT, strength & Conditioning coach, Sports Therapist, Nutritionist and expert in biomechanics using these skills to support his holistic approach to daily coaching. His question to any runner is simple, “ do you want to be a better runner tomorrow than you are today?’ If your answer is yes, then listening to Nick and his experiences along with advice could open a few doors....

Nick’s Seeker Story
“My running story and reasons have changed so much over the past 35 years… the boy who wanted to be the best, who was inspired by Coe, Cram & Ovett to the guy who now runs nearly every day in the countryside, mountains or stunning city routes, finally with his eyes, ears and senses open. I choose to run to experience the places, locations and personalities I visit. This is combined with lots of road and mountain biking these days and regular visits to the gym to stay strong. The knees may moan but the feeling of freedom, fitness and excitement during and after any run or workout has never dropped. If anything, now I am slower I have finally grow to realise the true joys of my own running and why we all do it. I chase times and results through those I coach daily, but I chase experiences and smiles through my own running these days… perhaps I am finally at peace with why I choose to run.”
Sahadeva Aaron Torpy
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