Soft Tissue Mobility: for running performance


Tuesday 6th September 2016

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN


This event is now full, but if you wish to be on the waiting list please sign up.

With Dan Elias, a Sports Injury and Spinal Physiotherapist, from Balance Performance Physiotherapy.

This class will teach techniques for improving soft tissue mobility and explain how this can be incorporated into your training programme successfully. The class will include a combination of simple breathing, self-massage and myofascial compression / release techniques, which provide pain and tension relief for your back, hips, upper and lower limbs.

Balance Performance LondonAt Balance Performance Physiotherapy we are experienced clinicians in treating and educating runners. We understand and promote the need for excellent tissue and joint health, and the importance of being STRONG and FLEXIBLE.

It is commonplace for these two aspects to be left out of a runner's training programme. This can all too easily lead to overuse injuries and impact on training, competition and performance. We know that muscles and fascia that are tight (a feature of all sports injuries, episodes of back and neck pain) create pain and tension which contribute to the development of poor movement patterns and disrupted body awareness. Over time this gradually leads to an increased load on joints and limit the potential of movement and performance.

About Dan Elias

Dan EliasDaniel is an experienced physiotherapist having worked across the NHS as a senior clinician, within private practice and in individual and team sports. In addition to this Daniel has a BSc Honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science. He has a deep knowledge of running and athletic recovery, injury and rehabilitation yet is as competent rehabilitating someone from chronic back pain as returning them after a sporting injury

Daniel’s experience has allowed him to work with a range of clients from those suffering from everyday work or recreational complaints, to post-operative rehabilitation and with amateur and high level athletes. Daniel has worked as a physiotherapist for club and county rugby clubs and provided physiotherapy support to runners and athletes at multiple London marathons and for the U20 England Athletics Team.

With all his clients Daniel believes in treatment and rehabilitation that fosters the achievement of maximum performance potential.  Daniel is a qualified acupuncturist and uses this modality as part of an integrated approach to treating his client’s pain. He also gained his Pilates qualification from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. Daniel leads the Trigger Point Therapy Class at Balance Performance Physiotherapy promoting self-empowerment of your own tissue health to improve performance, reduce pain and relieve tension.

Daniel is a keen sportsman having competed as a decathlete and his current passion is for half marathons, which allows him to understand the dedication and hard work required for this discipline!

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